To Benefit Brother Martin High School Students

The mission of the St. Aloysius Century Foundation is to provide financial support to help perpetuate the educational charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart at Brother Martin High School.  This charism is expressed within the Brothers’ own Rule of Life and their Educational Mission and Ministry document.

Scholarships may be established in the St. Aloysius Century Foundation and named, by agreement of the St. Aloysius Century Foundation and the donor, in honor of someone suggested by the donor.  This may be a Brother of the Sacred, a graduate of St. Aloysius, Cor Jesu or Brother Martin, a friend of Brother Martin or family member or friend of the donor.

The amount that is required to fully endow a scholarship is $60,000. This amount may be paid in one lump sum or installments over a reasonable amount of time.  Stock transfers may also be used to support or endow a scholarship.

Through the generosity of the sponsors, this endowed scholarship annually provides direct financial assistance to needy Brother Martin High School students who qualify for aid.  The money dispersed is generally taken from interest earned and not from the principle.

Anyone interested in establishing a scholarship or wanting more information regarding a scholarship may contact Director of Development Kenny Spellman ’84 in the Office of Alumni & Development at (504) 284-6700.

Click here for a list of Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships:
Alarcon-Quentin Fund
Brother Donnan Berry, S.C. Scholarship
Donald E. Borey Scholarship
James B. Branton Memorial Fund
Marion Theresa Schexnayder Bruno Memorial Scholarship
Robert ’76 & Christopher ’79 Bruno Scholarship Fund
Christopher A. Ciaccio ’80 Memorial Scholarship
Paul & Haydee Cerise Memorial Scholarship
Class of 1979 Scholarship
Robert Conlin Memorial Scholarship
Brother Ivy LeBlanc Scholarship
Vincent A. “Trey” Culotta Memorial Scholarship
Michael J. Cusimano Scholarship
Andy Douglass Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Engert Family Memorial Fund
Peggy Engert Memorial Fund
First-Four Year Class of 1973 Scholarship
Warren & Lucille Flick Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Mrs. G. Fricken Memorial Scholarship Fund
August R. Gallo Family Scholarship
John J. Gelpi, Jr. Scholarship
Gibbs Construction Company Scholarship Fund
Lawrence & Marian Gibbs Scholarship
Dr. & Mrs. Robert R. Gibbs Memorial Scholarship
Ladies of the Shield Scholarship Fund
Major William J. McNamara Scholarship
Esma Martin Memorial Scholarship
Glenn Masson Memorial Scholarship
Brother Ralph McGarry, S.C. Memorial Fund – I
Brother Ralph McGarry, S.C. Memorial Fund – II
Brother Ralph McGarry, S.C. Memorial Fund – III
Pescay Family Scholarship
Herman J. Prager, Sr. Scholarship
Edmond J. & Mireille G. Preau Scholarship Fund
Thomas F. Ridgley Scholarship
Romaguera Scholarship Fund
Rosa Mary Foundation
Robert J. Schmolke Scholarship Fund
Jack Schommer Scholarship
Henry P. & Agnes B. Sobert Scholarship
James F. Terrell, Jr. Family Scholarship
Brett Thomas, Jr. Scholarship
Doug Twiner Scholarship
Daniel G. & Thomas M. Villarrubia Memorial Scholarship
Unrestricted Scholarship Donors

In Progress Scholarships:
William Airhart and Family Scholarship
Peter F. Algero, Sr. Scholarship Fund
Azby Fund
Carolyn Engel Memorial Scholarship Fund
Class of 1955 Scholarship
Class of 1956 Scholarship
Class of 1960 SA Scholarship
Class of 1974 Scholarship
Class of 1975 Scholarship
Class of 1976 Scholarship
Class of 1980 Scholarship
Class of 1984 Scholarship
Contreary Scholarship
Crusader Memorial Scholarship Fund
Fox-Dodt Scholars Assistance Fund
Dale M. Gallaher Scholarship
Guy Nelson Minority Literary Scholarship Award
Trent Patrick Gray Memorial Scholarship
Christopher Guy Scholarship
Rev. Paul Hart ’70 Scholarship
William Hogan Scholarship
The Alvin J. Kenney Family Scholarship
Benjamin Kuylen Memorial Scholarship
Liberty Bank Scholarship Fund
LMJ Scholarship
Kristian J. Nicolosi Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dr. Joseph N. Macaluso, Jr. Family Scholarship
Mary Z. Rupert Scholarship







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