Fine Arts

Brother Martin offers four areas of fine arts studies:


These full-credit elective courses are open to ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth-grade students. The course offerings aim to develop in students an understanding of art and sensitivity to artistic values through a hands on studio experience. Students explore drawing, painting, printmaking, and design. There is also historical, critical, and aesthetic analysis, while simultaneously providing the opportunity for creative self-expression. There is a $75 fee to cover the cost of most communal and personal tools and mediums.

Fine Arts Survey

Fine Arts Survey is a full-credit elective that, in a student centered environment, examines the nature and range of art. Through individual and group activities: visual art, music, architecture, and film are presented using a variety of instructional techniques. While providing a foundation in the material, historical, and theoretical aspect of the arts, this class fulfills the Fine Art credit needed for graduation. A 50$ fee includes much of the materials and resources provided.


This is a full-credit elective course that meets five times a week during the school day. Band is also available to eighth graders. (See eighth-grade section for details.) Brother Martin’s instrumental performing ensembles appear in public more than forty times per year. Attendance at all out-of-school rehearsals and performances is mandatory. Homework in the form of practice is assigned nightly and videotaped playing tests are regularly assigned. Interested members of the Program may use SmartMusic, an online music practice tool, which fosters good practice techniques and enables the Director to assess musical progress. Other forms of technology are utilized to further aid in the understanding of music theory and creativity.

  • Rental Instruments
    The Band Department rents percussion equipment, sousaphones, French horns, baritone horns, oboes, and a bassoon. Several local music stores are available to rent brand new instruments for a nominal fee. The advantage to doing this is a readily available opportunity for repair and replacement of band instruments, if necessary.
  • Fees
    The cost of rental instruments is $70 per year, the Crusader Marching Band members are assessed an $80 band fee which covers necessary band expenses like uniform cleaning, repertoire binders, and marching drill software subscriptions. Finally, Crusader Band members wear a special marching shoe, which must be purchased by the members prior to Football Season. Shoes may be purchased at a local music store or online for about $40 a pair. All fees will be assessed by the Director at the start of the school year.


This class is a full-credit elective course that meets daily. It provides training and experience singing music specially selected for high school male voices. These experiences are planned to develop a love for singing, to encourage participation in choral activities at school and in the community, to give students a working knowledge of the principles of good singing, to acquaint them with some of the masterpieces of choral literature, and to give proper training to maturing voices. Attendance at all (in and out of school) rehearsals and performances is mandatory.



Art I

The main focus of this course is to teach the fundamentals and techniques involved in creating various art forms. Basic elements of artistic design such as color theory, drawing, shading, and perspective are covered in depth. Studio activities and assignments include drawing, painting, relief printing, drafting, and architecture.

Art II

This course is designed to further the student’s knowledge and skill level in the areas covered in Art I, with special emphasis on the historical perspective of each area covered.


This course is designed to concentrate on the techniques of drawing, painting, and sculpture in a highly individualized learning environment. Prerequisite: Art II and teacher approval.

Fine Arts Survey

This course is a one-credit elective intended to develop in the students an appreciation of visual art, architecture, music, and film.

Applied Music I: Fundamentals

This course is a full credit course intended for students without any prior vocal or instrumental music background. It meets daily. The course presents vocal and instrumental techniques as well as music notation and theory foundations. Applied Music I: Fundamentals will provide the introduction needed to continue in either a Band or Chorus sequence in subsequent years.