Brother Martin’s Library provides an extensive collection of print and digital resources as well as numerous services and programs to support the Brother Martin curriculum and the academic requirements of our students and faculty. Instruction is available at every grade level in all subject areas so that each student develops information literacy skills and an appreciation of authentic research. In addition to academic resources, the collection reflects the personal interests of our patrons.

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Rapidly changing instructional technologies, and our “Bring Your Own Device” policy, are supported by a school-wide wireless network. Students are provided clouded storage space and have access to all programs and applications needed to complete assignments. Brother Martin allows students to submit their work electronically, collaborate with fellow students and teachers online, and remotely review grades.

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Mrs. Keiren Aucoin, M. Ed., Library Director
Miss Lauren Rhodes, M.L.I.S., Librarian

For any questions regarding the above resources or any more specific inquiries, contact the Brother Martin Library at

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