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Meet the Crusader

"The best way to describe my Brother Martin experience is through the words forming and inspiring. Since the day I became a Crusader, I have constantly been molded and encouraged by all the people around me. Whether it is fellow classmates or teachers, everyone at Brother Martin gives the same encouragement that is needed to grow."

Brad Corcoran '20

Student Ministers 2

"My experience at Brother Martin has been nothing but special and inspiring in my formation as a growing young man. The faculty and teachers have taught me more than just their respective subject but lessons I will need in the future. Wrestling for Brother Martin has been nothing but a surreal experience, from the amazing coaches, friends, and experiences to the important values and lessons learned from the past five years, wrestling with Brother Martin across my chest will forever be an unforgettable experience in my life. The best memory I had was wrestling at the State Tournament with my favorite family, friends, and coaches around to support an achievement that will have a lasting imprint on me forever."

Alejandro Duncan '20

"The best way to describe my Brother Martin experience would be life-changing. Brother Martin has helped me become a better man than I was when I started here. I have made friendships here that will be forever. My favorite part of being in student council is being able to interact with the student body through the school events."

Nolan Bourgeois '20


"My experience as a Brother Martin Student-athlete can be compared to a journey. In that journey, I have adapted to my environment both in out of the classroom, and I have learned to better manage my time through the golf team and different clubs that I am involved in. My best experiences that I have had with the golf team has been qualifying for the state championship as a team for the last 3 years and also winning the Catholic League title last year."

Dwayne Heron '20

"My best experience swimming for Brother Martin is witnessing the upperclassmen take care of the underclassmen. When I first joined the swim team, the juniors and seniors looked after me and helped me grow. I still look up to those graduates today and we still keep in touch. My goal is to support and take care of our younger Crusaders just as it was done for me."

Kevin-James Watkins '20


"I chose to be in the band because of what it means to so many people, and how high of a standard it holds. Joining the Brother Martin Band was the best decision I’ve ever made during my high school career. The best way to describe my Brother Martin experience is fulfilling. I have accomplished so many goals at Brother Martin, and I can’t wait to surpass even more. Brother Martin has truly helped form me into the man I am today. "

Alexander Phillips '20

"My Brother Martin experience has been welcoming. The teachers and faculty are here for the students and that’s helped me out a lot during my five years here. The best experience I’ve had from lacrosse was beating Jesuit for the first time which allowed us to play for the state championship."

Luke Rau '20

Luke Rau

"Brother Martin has honestly been home to me for the past five years because you can truly feel the brotherhood especially when we pack the Conlin gym to show off our school pride for pep rallies and when we gather together to put our faith into action for our school-wide liturgies."

Tharuka Fernando '20

"My Brother Martin experience can only be described as eventful. From meetings and liturgies to pep rallies and football games, there's always something to do. My favorite part about NJROTC is the experiences it has provided me. I've been able to go on overnight trips to the USS Alabama, participate at the National Flight Academy and so much more. I chose NJROTC because it provided me with practical skills such as leadership and organization."

Eric Gegenheimer '20

rotc coc

"The best way to describe my Brother Martin experience is a home of friends, learning, and growing up. Each of these aspects of my experience attribute to the way my life has been formed by this school. My favorite experience with cross country is the out of town meets like the state meet in Natchitoches where the team grows exponentially closer as a unit in camaraderie, friendship, and competition. I joined Cross Country at Brother Martin because it seemed like a sport based simply on hard work paying off directly in performance and competition."

Abe Bernstein '20

"My favorite part about being on the baseball team is just generally being with my teammates each and every day. A brotherhood is formed with these guys and they all become your best friends. Being on the team as a Freshman, I really looked up to the seniors and now as I am a senior, I hope to do the same for the underclassmen."

Brennan Stuprich '20

Baseball Advocate Photo Credit 2
Emmanuel Levy
"For me, my experience at Brother Martin has been full of opportunities to form long-lasting friendships, become truly immersed in this community, strengthen my faith, and continue the legacy of my family at Brother Martin. Experiences like March For Life will be memories that I will forever cherish in my life as they have formed me into the person who I am today."

Emmanuel Levy '20

"My years at Brother Martin have been all about family and friendship. The opportunity to play soccer alongside my older brothers while representing Brother Martin High School is an experience I will always remember. I have played soccer since I was four years old, and I am proud to finally wear the Crusader uniform on the field. Being a student-athlete at Brother Martin has taught me how to successfully manage competing priorities and has led me to friendships that I will value for a lifetime."

Kyle Robbins '20


"The best way to describe my experience at Brother Martin is a brotherhood. Brother Martin is a welcoming place that once you walk in, it feels like home. Throughout my time here, I have made some of the best friends anyone could ask for. My favorite experience while being a member of the Brother Martin Soccer team is the bondage formed by all of the players."

Bryce Burmaster '20

"The best aspect about Brother Martin is the sense of community that everyone feels throughout the entire school. This family allowed me to come out of my comfort zone and participate in clubs and activities that I wouldn't have considered doing anywhere else. I find this sense of community on the tennis team. Whether it be cheering on teammates during matches, or trying to make each other better in practice, there is an undeniable family that is created through this sport, and all sports and organizations at Brother Martin."

Matthew Armbruster '21

Matthew Armbruster_Meet the Crusader

"My Brother Martin experience has been one of growth. Over the past four years, I have grown spiritually, academically, socially, and athletically. As I start my senior year, I feel that I am well prepared to enter college because of the foundation that Brother Martin has provided me."

Ethan Dupas '20

"My years at Brother Martin have been about family and friendships. Brother Martin has made me into the man I am today by teaching me self-discipline and being responsible. My favorite part about being on the basketball team is forming friendships that will last a lifetime and learning how to be a leader."

Grant Delord '21