Meet the Crusader

"Because of the nurturing and caring atmosphere at Brother Martin, I have been allowed to grow and to develop into the person that I am called to be.  I learned that service, whether for my fellow students or the community, is most rewarding. I have enjoyed all of the clubs in which I have participated, however, I feel that the Ambassadors is my favorite club. By providing service throughout the school and in the community, others can see how the Brother Martin spirit works in each of its Crusaders."

John Miltenberger '19


"My favorite part of being a multi-sport athlete, football and wrestling, is being able to create a bond with my teammates because of the intense practices, the wins and loses, and time we spend together. I chose to do football and wrestling because I liked the intensity of the two sports and how the sports allow you to be a part of something bigger than yourself."

Mack Brown '19

"For me, Brother Martin can best be described as being a part of a family that always has your back through thick and thin. No matter what type of troubles you might have, there is always someone that has your back. My favorite experience is being a part of the Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Program. The lessons and the leadership skills the program has taught me is beyond helpful. It has taught me to be a better person and to lead when the need arises. But most of all, befriending all the cadets and creating experiences together has been the best times of my Brother Martin career. "

Michael Serie '19


"My Brother Martin experience is best described as a community of individuals, very closely connected, supporting each other to achieve excellence. I have always felt a sense of family at Brother Martin, outside of my own, with people who care and encourage me to be the best that I can be. My favorite experience with running track for Brother Martin is the motivation and trust among my teammates and having to fully rely on one another for particular events. I enjoy sprinting, as well as relay competition, which inspires me to work hard and perform at my best."

L.J. Gilyot '19

"My Brother Martin experience is best described as one word: Family. From the teachers and students to coaches and alumni, everyone genuinely cares for one another. I have always been pushed to be the best person I can be. My favorite part of being a Brother Martin baseball player is the friendship that is shared between all of my teammates. I now have friends in all grades and am surrounded by great people. Another great part of the baseball team is the amount of support that we get from our fellow students."

Brady Faust '19

Brady Faust - Baseball
Elliott Canty - Student Council
"The best way to describe my Brother Martin experience is supportive. The whole Brother Martin Community, from faculty to alumni, is extremely supportive. It's not just about an education, it's about making us into young men ready to handle what the real world has to offer. My favorite part of Student Council is planning pep rallies and events for the student body. I chose Student Council because my passion is representing those who can't necessarily represent themselves, and Student Council gives you the opportunity to do that. It gives you the opportunity to represent your class or the student body to the faculty, and really make a difference in this school community."

Elliott Canty '19

"Brother Martin has given me a new group of people to call family. I came to Brother Martin without any of my friends, but I can easily say that now I go to school with all of my best friends. I have been able to create a bond with guys through sports, clubs, and interactions in the classroom that I hope to last a lifetime. Brother Martin students, faculty, and staff all combine to push me to excellence every day. My favorite experience with soccer each year is when we make playoffs. This time of the year is best because we start to feel the real bonds we have created with our teammates as we fight through each game like it will be our last."

Connor Damaré '19

Connor Damare - Soccer

"My experience at Brother Martin has helped me to meet many new people and also to learn more about myself so that I can become a better, more responsible person for the rest of my life. I think that my favorite part of cross country and track and field is getting to strive every day to push your own limitations to the max. I chose the sport because of the camaraderie and I have always loved the sense of the competition for running fast and training hard.

Hunter Appleton '19

"Brother Martin is one big family that I love being a part of. Everyone treats each other with respect and has fun which has made my experience here amazing. My favorite experience with bowling is winning the state title 3 out of the 4 years that I have been on the team. I chose to do bowling because I had some close friends on the team and I have been doing it my whole life."

Cody Schaffer '19

Cody Schaffer - Bowling

"My Brother Martin experience can be described by one simple but powerful word: Family. When I came to Brother Martin in the 8th grade, I thought I was just starting another year of regular school. As the years went by I have learned that Brother Martin is not only a school but a community of people who really care about you and will do everything they can to help each person succeed. Between all the great people that I met during my last couple of years here and the kindness of each person, my experience has been amazing. I choose the fishing club because I found a group that I can join to express one of my favorite hobbies that I do outside of school."

Zach Thomas '19

"The best way to describe my experience with Brother Martin is life changing. The family aspect around Brother Martin is like none other. The friends I have made throughout my high school journey and the education I have received will change my life forever. My favorite part about beach volleyball is being able to relax and have fun after a long day of school. I chose beach volleyball because it has always been a huge part of my life and the community around it is very welcoming."

Vincent Giovingo'19


"The Brother Martin band has a long withstanding reputation as one of the best high school bands in Louisiana, and I wanted to be a part of the long and powerful legacy that makes the band what it is. My dream was to become a member of the Phantom Regiment Drum and a bugle Corps, a world-class drum and bugle corps from Rockford, Illinois. I was able to accomplish this goal among many others directly because of the band program. I have loved every minute of my experience in this program from day one, and I would not want to be anywhere else."

Jake Murillo '19

"Brother Martin has taught me to realize the type of man I am able to become and then strive to reach that realization. My favorite experience of being part of the tennis team is participating in regionals during the spring. The whole team is engaged in a high-intensity environment cheering on other teammates."

Ethan Bosch '20


"My Brother Martin experience has been truly formative. As a member of its student body, I've acquired so many conceptual and interpersonal skills which will certainly benefit me as I enter adulthood. I decided to join Chorus because I'd always had a mild interest in singing, but I wasn't sure that I'd enjoy it. From there, I guess I just fell in love."

Hunter Dunn '19

"Attending Brother Martin for the past four years has been the best experience of my life. I’ve met my best friends and the most influential adults in my life while learning through the charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. I grew up around Brother Martin wrestling, so I always looked forward to joining the team. The great friends I’ve made and the many values I’ve learned make Brother Martin Wrestling special for me."

Patrick Evans '19


"My favorite part of swimming for Brother Martin is the bond formed with my team. We all focus on building a relationship with everyone on the team, and we continue to keep in touch with the ones who have graduated. I am excited to finish my final year of a memorable four-year career with some of my greatest teammates, friends, and brothers."

Ryan O'Connor '19

"My experience at Brother Martin has been amazing; whether it was in the classroom or participating in activities with my teammates on the field to represent being a Crusader. I chose lacrosse because I wanted to continue my lacrosse career and felt that I could leave a lasting impression at Brother Martin."

Jacob Bodino '19