General Course Information


The Placement Committee, taking into consideration past grades and standardized test scores, determines the placement of courses for all incoming students


Brother Martin encourages each student to plan his own academic course selections with the assistance of his teachers, his guidance counselor, and his parents. Current students register for the following school year during the course selection process in January.


The unstructured class period is instructional time designed to provide the student opportunity to do independent study, including reference work, and to use the computer center, library, formation, and resource centers. Also, the student is provided time to arrange conferences with teachers, guidance counselors and/or campus ministers. While under adult supervision, the intent of this phase of the academic program is to develop in the student a sense of self-responsibility, self-discipline, efficient use of his unstructured time and serious study habits.

All students have an unstructured class period every day.

The Formation Center is designed for academic assistance to students who need help during their unstructured periods. Students come to the lab voluntarily or as required by teachers. Teachers and honor students are available to provide the necessary help.