Naval Junior R.O.T.C.
Crusader Company

Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) is a co-curricular program designed to teach leadership and citizenship in a dynamic, situation based environment.  Cadets (students in the program) learn military drill, wear Navy style uniforms, participate in classroom activities, and visit military themed locations in order to understand the role of citizen-leaders in today’s society.  

What do the uniforms cost?  Uniforms, including shoes, are provided by the government at no cost for the Cadet to use and maintain while in the program.  Families must provide their own white undershirt and black socks which are the same items used with the Brother Martin uniform.

Do I have to join the military?  No.  There is no military obligation.  The military does provide early advancement for students who want to join the military after high school.  NJROTC also provides a path to college ROTC scholarships and Military Academy Nominations.

Can Freshmen take the program as a Health and PE credit?  Yes.  We teach the health curriculum as part of the syllabus.  This is integrated throughout the year. We also provide training and opportunities for those who prefer individual physical growth over team sports.

Is there a class?  The class meets every day just as any other class period.  We typically spend two days a week learning about various parts of the military.  Topics include military history, customs, traditions, the role of the military in the government, shipboard life, and projects on leadership and citizenship.  We try to make these classes interactive and engaging. We spend two days on military drill and Fridays are structured fitness, club events, or study time. Our primary goal is to reinforce other subjects and help each student achieve excellence in all they do.

How often do they wear uniforms?  We wear uniforms one day per week.  Cadets are inspected in their attention to detail and preparation of the uniform.  

Who teaches the courses?  Instructors are retired military personnel certified and trained by the Navy.  They are employed by the school.

What else do you do other than classroom activities?  We have several extracurricular teams that compete against other schools around the Southeast.  (See our Extracurriculars page.) We travel to competitions in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, and Mississippi.  We take field trips to local military sites and visit colleges to with college level ROTC. We provide opportunities for Community Service that can be used for Brother Martin requirements.  

Activities outside the classroom are the reason most of our Cadets stay in the program.  NJROTC Cadets form friendships that will last a lifetime through these experiences.

How can I find out more information?  Contact us at njrotc@brothermartin.com.  

Please note that all cadets will need a physical, NJROTC health risk screening questionnaire, and all standard release forms to take part in any activities, trips or physical training during the school year.

Color Guard requests:  

Our NJROTC Color Guard presents the Colors for the National Anthem at more than 30 events per year.  If you are an organization that would like to request our performances to start your event or ceremony, you can fill out the Color Guard Request link or email us at njrotc@brothermartin.com to find out what we can provide.  Please understand that our Color Guard is in high demand.  Organizations have booked up to 18 months in advance.



Introduces Cadets to the meaning of citizenship, elements of leadership, and the value of scholarship in attaining life goals. Cadets learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including physical fitness, a proper diet, and controlling stress; drug awareness; the principles of health and first aid, survival skills and an overview of Naval ships and aircraft. These elements are pursued at the fundamental level.


Commanding Officer: Cadet Lt. Cmdr. Lennox Brown ‘23

Executive Officer: Cadet Lt. Devin St. Clair ‘23

Command Master Chief: Cadet Master Chief David Parra ‘23

Administration Officer: Cadet Lt. j.g. Josh Peltier ‘23

Operations Officer: Cadet Lt. j.g. Benjamin Code ‘23

Supply Officer: Cadet Lt. j.g. Michael Hardeman ‘23

Platoon Commanders: Cadet Ensign Enzo Foster ‘24,

Cadet Ensign Sean Lagrange ‘24,

Cadet Ensign Dominick Maddie ‘24,

Cadet Ensign Patrick Ridge ‘24