Christian Service Program

The Christian Service Program at Brother Martin High School aims to inspire members of the Brother Martin community to embody the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, the principles of Catholic social teaching, and the charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart through experiences of and critical reflection on direct service to people who are underserved in our world. The program seeks to help students begin to reflect on the complexity of our world’s social issues and their responsibility in using their unique gifts and talents for the promotion of social justice and the common good. It hopes to instill in its participants a lifelong commitment to service and courageous advocacy for justice through the development of the virtues of solidarity, charity, and justice as modeled in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Service Criteria: 

  • At each grade level, students are required to complete a set minimum number of hours of service. 
  • FOCUS ISSUE HOURS: At least half of these required service hours must be performed at an agency that addresses the social issue designated as the focus for the student’s grade level. Preapproved service placements for each grade level are provided on the preapproved service placement lists. If a student wishes to volunteer with an event or agency that is not on the grade level preapproved service placement lists, the student must receive written approval of the alternative service from their Religion teacher or Mr. McCabe prior to volunteering. Failure to obtain written approval may result in a student’s hours not being accepted.
  • GENERAL HOURS: The other half of a student’s required service hours may be performed at almost any non-profit organization. Preapproved organizations and opportunities can be found on the General Preapproved Service Placements list. Please note: In order for the hours to be accepted, the service must involve volunteering with a non-profit organization, such as Catholic Charities, local schools, church parishes, food banks, etc. Volunteer work done with a Brother Martin team, club, or camp can be used to fulfill this half of the service requirement. If you are unsure of whether your placement meets these criteria, please speak with your Religion teacher or Mr. McCabe for written approval prior to volunteering. Failure to obtain written approval may result in a student’s hours not being accepted.

Documentation of completed service hours must be submitted to the student’s Religion teacher by Friday, March 15, 2024 (early turn-in for 4th quarter Religion exam exemption eligibility by Wednesday, January 31, 2024). In order to be accepted, documentation must be on the letterhead of the organization where the service was done and include the following information: the student’s name, a brief description of the work performed, the date(s) when the work was done, the total number of hours served, and the student’s immediate supervisor and his/her contact information. 

Students who do not submit acceptable verification that they have completed the required service hours by the due date will receive an Incomplete (I) for their 3rd quarter Religion grade until acceptable verification is submitted and will not be exempt from any of their 4th quarter final exams. Completion of the required service hours is mandated for advancement to the next grade level and for graduation. Thus, students may have to make up their service hours at credit recovery in the summer if they do not submit acceptable verification that they have completed the required service hours before 4th quarter exams.

Please Note: It is the responsibility of each student to contact possible service placements himself. In the continual effort to develop personal responsibility, the student should be the one organizing his service experience, not his parent/guardian. If he requires assistance or has questions, he can email Mr. Chris McCabe, the Christian Service Program Coordinator, at

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8th Grade

8TH GRADE   – 10 hours, at least half (>5) of which must be carried out with a preapproved non-profit organization that cares for the environment.

Christian Service Program Student/Guardian Agreement


9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade