Christian Service Experience

The Christian Service Experience at Brother Martin High School has as its goal the involvement of students in situations and experiences which will broaden the students understanding of Christian responsibility and the call of Jesus to serve one another.

In serving others, Archbishop Gregory Aymond gives the following guidelines: service must be meaningful and help students to touch the hearts of others; students should not be “just logging in their hours” and service work must be “authentic charity” that respects human life. It must not be “social work.” It is living out one’s faith. In religion class, students are given an opportunity to reflect theologically on service in a structured way.

Verification of the service hour requirement must be on the letterhead of the agency, church, or nonprofit organization where the service was done and should include the student’s name, a brief description of the work done, the date(s) when the work was done, and the number of hours served. Students should keep a copy of their service work for their own reference. Students who do not submit verification of completed service work to their religion teacher by the due date will be expected to complete additional service hours. Students who do not submit verification of service work by the end of fourth quarter exams must make up the service hours at credit recovery, as completion of service hours is required for advancement to the next grade level and for graduation.

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8th Grade

Eighth Grade Requirement
10 Hours
Due Date: March 18, 2019 (early turn in for exemption by January 28, 2019).

Suggested activities: nonprofit agencies, elementary school, and parish work. Work done for family members does not meet the criteria for community service.

No more than 5 hours of this requirement may be done on campus.

9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade


New Orleans Fencing Foundation

The NOFF has volunteer opportunities available for students who may be interested in these programs.  FYI:  Wheelchair fencers do not have to be wheelchair bound.

Click here for more information about NOFF.


ArcGNO needs volunteers to help sort mardi gras beads. Weekday, Weekend, Daytime and Evening hours available for volunteers. Arc of Greater New Orleans, Mardi Gras Recycle Center, 925 S. Labarre Road, Metairie, LA 70001.

Click here for more information about this volunteer opportunity.

Norelia Reed