Computer Science

The Computer Science Department offers several courses that prepare students for college work and for technology use in their personal and professional lives. In addition, the department supports the CyberPatriot team that participates in national contests. For enrollment in the courses offered by the department, a student must satisfy the requirements listed below.


The Computer Science Department consists of two fully-equipped Windows computer labs utilizing solid-state drives. The graphics arts computer lab is equipped with dual monitors, Windows 11, and specialized software for animation, video editing, and game development projects.

Computer Applications

Computer Applications I

This is a full-year, half-credit course required of all incoming eighth-graders not enrolled in Digital Media, Physical Science, or a Fine Arts course. The following major topics are introduced: computer hardware and software, operating systems, networks and the Internet, word processing, spreadsheets, digital presentations, programming in SmallBASIC, and Web page creation in HTML. Classes meet every other day.

Computer Science
Digital Media
Fine Arts Survey