The Department of Mathematics plays an essential role in the college preparatory function of the school. A student must take a course in mathematics each year that he is enrolled at Brother Martin. Preparation for standardized testing is included in each course.


Algebra I

Algebra I

This course is required of all freshmen except those taking Geometry, Geometry Honors or Algebra I Honors. This course covers variables and open sentences, problem solving, radicals, polynomials, special products and factoring, algebraic fractions, and graphing. Serious attention is given to the study of the real number system at this level.

Algebra I Honors

This course is taken by freshmen whose mathematics background indicates the ability to work at an advanced level. This course includes all the topics covered in Algebra I together with quadratic functions. Numerous applications are included to expose students to the usefulness of those topics covered.

Algebra II
Advanced Math

Advanced Math

This course for students who have completed Algebra II. The entire first semester is spent studying trigonometry. Remaining topics include matrices and determinants, permutations, combinations, probability, polar coordinates, sequences and series, and logarithmic and exponential equations and graphs.

Advanced Math Honors

This course is a dual enrollment course with LSU. Students may receive college credit for MATH 1022 (College Trigonometry) during the Spring Semester. LSU fees apply. Topics include trigonometry, polynomials, modeling, and inequalities. During the Fall Semester, students will cover additional Advanced Math topics, such as parametric equations, partial fractions, and sequences and series. Students will also be given an introduction to Calculus, including limits and derivatives. Real-life applications are integrated throughout the course as is discovered through the use of data analysis. Projects may also be used to teach and reinforce some topics.


Helpful Links:

  • My Math Lab
    Students in all math classes will do much of their homework in MyMathLab. The program provides instant feedback for each question and provides additional resources, such as textbook-embedded videos or "view an example," which takes the student step-by-step on how to do the problem if he is struggling with a topic.
  • Khan Academy
    Khan Academy has many helpful math videos if students need extra assistance with specific math topics.