Brother Martin High School

Brother Martin High School is founded on the conviction that each person is created free and unique by God and is to be treated with dignity because of being loved and redeemed by Christ. Because of this, Brother Martin High School is conducted with the belief that, although an individual might do evil, each person has a basic tendency towards good and, therefore, a right to hope and strive for personal happiness.

Our aim is to provide the experience and the environment that will best enable members of the Brother Martin community to be secure in themselves and that will encourage them to reinforce what is good in society and correct what is wrong and, in this way, participate generously in the building of a more Christian nation and world.

We believe a holistic approach to education is the best means to pursue these goals. Each person learns from the total experience of the school environment and, therefore, we attempt to address the religious, academic, social, psychological, physical and cultural development of each person through the school’s programs, courses and policies.

Because of our belief in this holistic approach, we devote ourselves to build within Brother Martin High School a family spirit that is characterized by a pervading influence of Christian values, a strong insistence on an orderly and disciplined atmosphere, a caring approach to education, and a firm commitment to academic excellence.


Blending the tradition of the past with momentum for the future, the crest of Brother Martin High School symbolizes the true Crusader spirit. On the top of the shield is the helmet of a crusader symbolizing Christians of the past who were willing to give their lives for the preservation of the faith so that future generations might grow up Christian. Under the helmet is a chain which represents the consolidation in 1969 of St. Aloysius and Cor Jesu High Schools into Brother Martin High School. From the five Brothers of the Sacred Heart who first opened St. Aloysius College in September 1869 has grown Brother Martin High School, a continuation of the past, ever moving toward the future.

The shield is divided into four quadrants by the Cross of Christ. In the upper left corner is a heart which represents the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and recalls their ministry of 145 years in New Orleans. The Fleur de Lis in the lower left corner represents the French heritage of the city. In the lower right corner, a torch symbolizes striving for excellence while the book in the upper right corner represents learning in the fullest sense.

Mission Statement

The mission of Brother Martin High School is to form young people through a holistic education that fosters academic excellence in a caring, disciplined community which integrates Catholic tradition and the charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart to meet the needs of a changing world.