A student must take an English course each year he is enrolled at Brother Martin. This requirement reflects the fact that not only do most college degree programs demand an average of four years of English but also that proficiency in the language arts is indispensable to learning. The skills of reading, oral and written self-expression and research are valuable tools in the study of any subject. Because of the multidisciplinary nature of the English curriculum, students are expected to buy workbooks, handbooks, and paperback books as supplements to the state-provided textbooks.


English 8

English 8

This course is designed to introduce basic fundamentals of grammar and usage, including sentence formation. From there, students learn the organization and development of a paragraph. Students study various literary types as found in the literature anthology and young adult novels. A language unit is included as well as vocabulary study. Incorporated into this class are the study habits and skills that enable the student to be a successful learner both inside and outside of the classroom.

English I
English II
English III

English III

This course is a full-year junior level course containing a survey of American literature with a writing component that investigates both the different rhetorical modes of expository writing and writing about literature. The writing of a formal research paper is required for completion of this course.

English III Honors (10th)

This course is for accelerated tenth graders and focuses on a broad scope of literature covering topics in both American and World literature. The writing component will move students into more sophisticated and complex writing with a strong focus on sentence construction, argumentative writing, and literary criticism. Students will also develop a stronger vocabulary base and standardized testing skills, especially for SAT and AP tests. Lastly, students will continue to develop research skills through research projects. Students successful in this course become candidates for the eleventh-grade Advanced Placement course.

English III Honors (11th)/English IV Honors

This course is for juniors in American Literature which covers the material in English 1300 in greater depth with emphasis placed on interpretative and analytical skills. In the composition component of this class, greater attention is paid to the development of the student’s style and voice and to instruction in writing the argumentative and critical essay. As in all English Honors courses, the student is expected to do independent work and produce projects generated from research.

English III Honors AP/English IV Honors AP

This course is a full-year, entry-level college course incorporating the extensive study of language and those rhetorical devices that make for effective writing. Readings in American literature and nonfiction writing are the literary focus. Students will continue their preparation for the ACT/SAT tests. Students must take the Advanced Placement Language Exam that may qualify them for college credit. (Enrollment in AP English requires a two-year commitment to the AP program that includes the College Board curriculum in both English III/IV Honors AP and English IV/V Honors AP.)

English IV
Creative Writing