Brother Martin High School conducts a four-year high school program, an eighth grade program and a seventh grade program. Students must complete four years of high school studies before they are graduated.

Brother Martin offers courses  to provide educational opportunities that will enhance the continued growth and development of its students. In order to encourage students to work to their fullest potential, to use their talents most effectively and to give themselves the broadest possible education, Brother Martin High School encourages each student to plan his own academic schedule with the assistance of his teachers, his guidance counselor and his parents.

Course offerings include:

A fully equipped library and two spacious resource centers provide areas for quiet study and preparation during each student’s unstructured period during the school day.  Click here to learn more about Unstructured Time.

The integration of Christian truths and values within the framework of learning experiences characterizes the educational approach of Brother Martin High School. The curriculum, providing broad and varied elective offerings, is college preparatory. With a wide variety of interests, needs and abilities evident among the students, the curriculum is constantly being evaluated and revised so that the students at Brother Martin High School may have the opportunity to develop those Christian insights that will enable them to best contribute to the political, social, economic, moral and intellectual life of American society.

Through its philosophy, admission policies, curriculum and facilities, Brother Martin High School strives to create an atmosphere for learning and self-growth. Each student is given the opportunity to realize his potential and to develop healthy attitudes and responsible behavior that will permit him to pursue continued studies and to assume his place in society as a concerned Christian gentleman.