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Cross Country Victorious at Catholic High Invitational

The Varsity Cross Country team was victorious at the Catholic High Invitational on Saturday, October 10th, 2015. The Crusaders defeated 2nd place Catholic by a narrow margin of 3 points (98-101) behind a total team effort. Hayden Courrege’ ’18, Hunter Appleton ’19, and Benjamin Crowley ’18 finished in the Top 10, and Marco Perez ’18, Myles Ceravolo ’17, and Jonathan Henneberg ’16 finished in the Top 40 to pace the Crusaders to victory. The Cross Read more »

Cross Country Elects New Team Captains

Senior captains l tor r: Jonathan Henneberg and Zander Hildreth The Cross Country program has hit the ground running, and team captains have been elected. At the beginning of the season, members of the varsity squad selected members who consistently demonstrate dedication, persistence, and hard work to take on leadership as captains. When the votes were tallied, seniors Jonathan Henneberg and Zander Hildreth, juniors André Roevens and Reid Kern, Read more »

In the Spotlight with Hayden Courregé ’18

Sophomore Hayden Courregé is featured in The New Orleans Advocate for leading the Brother Martin Cross Country team to a strong start this season, where he finished top in the Christian Brothers Invitational. Courregé ran a 3-mile time of 15 minutes, 35 seconds. The performance helped the Crusaders finish in second place. Congratulations, Hayden!   Read more »

Cross Country Places in St. Paul’s Invitational

The Varsity Cross Country team finished 2nd at the Saint Paul’s Invitational last Saturday, and the Junior Varsity won the Saint Paul’s Invitational. Hayden Courrege ’18, Hunter Appleton ’19, and Benjamin Crowley ’18 led the Varsity, while James Mills ’16 and Ryan Guillera ’16 led the Junior Varsity. Congratulations, Crusaders! Come out to City Park on Saturday, September 26th to support the Crusaders as they participate in the Holy Cross Read more »

Cross Country Races Into the 2015 Season

Congratulations to the Brother Martin Cross Country team for its victory at the West Feliciana Relays on Saturday, September 5th. The team consisting of  Jonathan Henneberg ’16, Hayden Courrege ’18, Benjamin Crowley’ 18, and Hunter Appleton ’19  ran the six mile relay in 32 minutes and 41 seconds, crushing the course record by one minute and eighteen seconds. The “B” team consisting of Reid Kern ’17, Myles Ceravolo ’17, Tyler Epps ’18 and Marco Read more »

Cross Country Championships
1969-1970 – City
1970-1971 – City, District
1971-1972 – City, District, State
1972-1973 – City, District, State Runner-up
1973-1974 – City, District
1974-1975 – City, District
1975-1976 – City, District
1976-1977 – City, District
1977-1978 – City, District
1978-1979 – City, District
1979-1980 – City, District, State Runner-up
1980-1981 – City, District, State
1981-1982 – City, District, State
1983-1984 – City
1984-1985 – City, State Runner-up
1986-1987 – City
1991-1992 – City, District, State Runner-up
1992-1993 – City, District, State Runner-up
1993-1994 – State
1994-1995 – City, District, State Runner-up
1995-1996 – City, District
1997-1998 – State Runner-up
1998-1999 – State
1999-2000 – District, State
2000-2001 – City, District
2001-2002 – City
2002-2003 – City, District, State
2003-2004 – City, State Runner-up
2004-2005 – City, State Runner-up
2005-2006 – City, State Runner-up
2006-2007 – City
2007-2008 – City, State
2008-2009 – City
2011-2012 – District, Metro, State Runner-Up
2012-2013 – District Runner-Up, Metro
2014-2015- State Runner-Up

Cross Country distance running begins in the fall and ends in mid-November. Practice begins formally in the first week of school in August and meets begin in September. Many runners meet informally during the summer months to train in preparation for the upcoming season.

There are three divisions: Jr. High (Grades 8th and 9th), Junior Varsity (Grades 9th and 10th), and Varsity (Grades 9th – 12th). Meets are held on Saturday mornings with a slate of 6-12 meets per season. The team competes throughout the state of Louisiana as well as at regional invitationals in Mississippi and Alabama. Jr. High and Junior Varsity divisions run a 2.0 mile course while the Varsity runs a 3 mile or 5k course.

Following the Cross Country season, many of the team members compete on the Track & Field team.

You can get more information about the Brother Martin Cross Country Program by E-mail at

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Brett Carver ’91 – University of New Orleans
Jay Dumas ’91 – University of New Orleans
Phil Sims ’91 – Louisiana State University
Stephen Erath ’95 – Texas A&M
Charles Baggett ’96 – Louisiana State University
Randy Hanning ’96 – University of Tennessee
Eric Giandelone ’96 – Depaul University
Troy Strohmeyer ’97 – Louisiana Tech
Bryan Oubre ’98 – Texas A&M
Anand Viswanathan ’98 – Loyola University
Ralph Aucoin ’00 – Belmont Abbey College
Ryan Gallagher ’00 – Tulane University
Jarett Roche ’00 – Louisiana State University
Justin Scanlon ’00 – Gustavas Adolphus
Sean Clancy ’01 – Western Carolina University
Matt Gaiennie ’01 – Spring Hill College
Adam Jones ’01 – Georgia Tech
Trey Williams ’02 – Washington & Lee
Drew Haro ’03 – Louisiana State University
Josh Miles ’03 – Xavier University
Jeff Adolph ’04 – Louisiana State University

Patrick Aucoin ’05 – Spring Hill College
Andy Florek ’06 – Louisiana State University
Kyle Hecker ’06 – Louisiana State University
Mark Kirkikis ’06 – Spring Hill College
Kyle Esteves ’07 – Tulane University
Will Kirkikis ’08 – Spring Hill College
Casey Keiser ’08 – Mississippi College
Kenneth Schiffman ’08 – Louisiana State University
Martin Aucoin ’09 – Belmont Abbey College
Matthew Pieri ’09 – Xavier University
Scott Richardson ’09 – Southeastern Louisiana University
Christian Clesi ’10 – Birmingham Southern College
Daniel Nally ’10 – Birmingham Southern College
Stefan Schluter ’10 – Belmont Abbey College
Scout Kirkikis ’11 – Spring Hill College
Emanuelle Detiege ’11 – Xavier University
Lawrence Stansberry- ’11– Xavier University
Jared Allen ’12 – Millsaps College
Ken Newburger ’12 – Millsaps College
Michael Maldonado ’14 – Catholic University
Felipe Pelaez ’15 – Louisiana State University


City Park Course Map

Mr. Ryan Gallagher ’00 – Head Coach
Mr. Joe Alexander – Junior High Assistant Coach (NF)
Mr. Brad Duplechain – Assistant Coach
Mr. Drew Haro ’03 – Assistant Coach

(C) – CECP Coach
(NF) – Non-Faculty

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