Work Permit Request

Work Permit Request Information

You MUST have the Application to Employ Minors Under Age 18 completed, from the Louisiana Workforce Commission, in order to request a work permit.

The student should already be hired by a place of employment before requesting a work permit application.

A work permit application must be completed by the student (employee), the place of employment (employer), and signed by a parent or guardian before being turned in. Please allow a few days for us to process the permit. The student should not begin work without submitting a work permit to his employer.

*If your employer has not completed the work permit application, please feel free to print out a copy below and bring to the employer for completion.

August-May Requests: Any questions should be directed to Mrs. Christy Roux at 504-283-1561 and ask
for the Counseling Office, or please e-mail her at

June Requests: Any questions should be directed to Ms. Loralie Condon at

July: Please note that there will be no work permits issued during the month of July.