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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates and Resources
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Kelly W. Alexander
(Assistant Principal for Student Services)

John 'Chris' Alley, Jr. '08 
(Assistant Alumni Director)

Keiren C. Aucoin
(Library Department Chair & Media Services)


Thomas F. Baier 

Christopher W. Bailey ’86 
(Fine Arts, Assistant Band Director)

James D. Barbara
(Science, Aquaculture and Herpetology, Soccer)

Senior Chief Romico J. Barnes

Joseph J. Barnitz ’02 
(English, Basketball)

Shannon L. Becnel
(Student Services Assistant)

Cynthia L. Bellina 
(English, Student Formation)

Gus Bennett
(Fine Arts)

Christopher D. Biehl 
(Mathematics, Head Basketball Coach)

Carlos Bogran III ’99 
(Assistant Principal for Admissions, Student Ambassadors)

Mark E. Bonis
(Health and Physical Education Department Chair, Assistant Director of Athletics, Head Football Coach)

Mark L. Bordelon 
(Religion, Campus Ministry, Head Swim Coach)

Ronald A. Boudreaux
(Director of Maintenance)

Carroll A. Bourlet ’65 CJ 
(Director of Finance)

Gillen C. Briede 
(Gift Officer, Advancement Assistant)

Deborah M. Broussard 
(Assistant Principal for Academics, Campus Ministry)

David M. Browning '12
(Mathematics, Crusader Streaming & Programming Network)

Tytti A. Brumfield 
(Administrative Assistant for Attendance & Discipline)


Kevin J. Caparotta '88
(Fine Arts, Assistant Technology Coordinator, Chorus)

Dominick Caronna, Jr. '85
(Band Director)

Kathleen D. Choina
(World Languages, Cheerleading)

Loralie M. Condon
(Administrative Assistant to the Principal)

Scott C. Corrente, Sr. '83
(Religion, Beach Volleyball)

Brother Bernie G. Couvillion, S.C.
(Assistant Campus Ministry)


Rhen L. de Lanzac
(Coordinator of Annual Giving/ Events Assistant)

Brad M. Duplechain
(Science, Head Track & Field Coach, Cross Country)


David T. Falati
(Social Studies, Work Study)

Glen D. Fallon
(Science, Fishing Club, WWII Quiz Bowl)

Justin J. Fleetwood
(Director of Strategic Planning for Advancement)


Joneil P. Galey
(Guidance Department Chair, Class of 2025 Counselor, NHS)

Ryan J. Gallagher '00

Amanda M. Gaston
(Assistant Librarian)

James M. Gatti
(Religion, Intramural Athletics)

Adam E. Giglio
(Physical Education, Football, Powerlifting)

Brother Neal Golden, S.C., '57 CJ
(Computer Science)

Jill A. Gomez
(Director of Student Formation, NJHS)

Lyn G. Greco
(Assistant to the President)

Jordan C. Greene '11
(Health and Physical Education, Football, Track & Field)

Griffin L. Gremillion
(Class of 2024 Counselor, Bowling, Bowling Club)

Donald M. Guidry
(Fine Arts, Art & Design Club, Martial Arts Club)


Drew L. Haro '03
(English, Head Cross Country Coach, Track & Field)

Barry L. Hebert '74
(Director of School Services, Alumni Relations)

Valerie B. Hunter
(Data Entry Assistant)


Logan S. Istre
(Social Studies, Student Ambassadors)


Scott R. Joffe
(Math, Basketball)

David J. Jouandot II '03
(Science Department Chair, Assistant Swim Coach)

David R. Joyner
(Fine Arts Department Chair, Dionysians)


Tina S. LaBeaud
(Director of Food Service, Culinary Crusaders)

Matthew L. Lambert '98
(Mathematics, Athletics Assistant)

Patty P. Larkin
(Administrative Assistant for Admissions)

Thomas J. Leggett
(English Department Chair, Literary Magazine- The Pen and Sword)

Michael B. Lemmon 
(Class of 2023 Guidance Counselor)

Stephen S. Lewis '03
(Mathematics, Baseball, Football)

Leo P. Lowder
(Head Groundskeeper)

Jeffrey R. Lupo '92
(Social Studies, Head Baseball Coach)

Michael H. Lynn '04
(Dean of Students)


Charles E. Maillho '08
(Science, Lacrosse)

Christopher A. Maiolo
(Math, Ministers of Holy Communion, Campus Ministry)

Judith A. Maldonado
(Assistant College Counselor)

TaJuana L. Manning
(Food Service)

Paul M. Marcello '12
(Class of 2022 Guidance Counselor, Key Club)

Colleen N. Martinolich 
(College Placement Counselor, Homecoming Coordinator)

Robert N. Masson '63 CJ

Thomas E. Mavor
(Director of Faculty Formation, English, Campus Ministry)

Christopher J. McCabe
(Religion, Campus Ministry, Crusaders for Life & Justice)

Patrick H. McClain
(Mathematics, Chi Alpha Mu, Mu Alpha Theta)

Tony C. Melito '76

George E. Merritt
(World Languages, Tabletop Gaming, Rugby)

Donald R. Midkiff '03
(Science, Golf, Culinary Crusaders)


Daniel G. Nally '10

Andrew P. Nicola 
(Health & Physical Education, Head Wrestling Coach)

Ryan J. Nocito '06 
(Religion Department Chair, Dionysians)

Commander Bruce D. Nolan, '90, USN (Ret.)
(NJROTC, CyberPatriot Team)

Jonathan R. Norris
(Health and Physical Education, Strength & Conditioning, Football)


Mary B. Oestriecher
(World Languages)


Aaron M. Paladino
(Social Studies, Baseball)

Amy P. Peavey
(Social Studies, Student Council)

Mary A. Picou
(Student Formation)


Victor G. Quinonez '16
(English, Football)

Janel A. Quitzau
(Advancement Team Leader and Director of Special Events)


Gregory M. Rando '77 

Aaron M. Reller
(World Languages, World Culture Club)

David G. Rhodes

Steve G. Ricks
(Assistant Director of Maintenance)

Thomas Ridgley III
(BOH Manager, Food Service)

Wade R. Ripple
(Social Studies, Wrestling)

Judy S. Rodriguez
(Religion, Campus Ministry, Senior Class Coordinator, Soccer)

Duffy K. Rousselle
(Health and Physical Education, Wrestling)

Christy S. Roux
(Administrative Assistant for Guidance)

Joel R. Ruhlman '11
(World Languages, Cross Country)


Christine G. Sanderson
(English, Quiz Bowl, Mock Trial)

Joseph E. Schluter '13
(Social Media & Website Manager, CSPN)

Melanie F. Scott
(English, Yearbook)

Sasha M. Sevin
(Religion, Campus Ministry)

Jacob M. Seward ’13
(Computer Applications, Baseball, Football)

Micah J. Silver '09
(Mathematics, Band, Mu Alpha Theta)

Philip R. Sims '91
(English, Social Studies, Cross Country, Track & Field)

Ryan W. Skyta
(Mathematics Co-Department Chair, Mu Alpha Theta)

Johnny Ray Smith
(Custodial Supervisor)

Tommy L. Smith '71
(Health & Physical Education, Basketball)

Kenneth J. Spellman '84
(Advancement & Alumni Director)

Matthew T. Stevens
(Religion, Campus Ministry, Ultimate Frisbee)

Rebecca R. Stroud
(Social Studies, NHS)

Ian C. Supak
(Math, AP Coordinator, Yearbook)


Yvette S. Tassin

Jennifer N. Taylor
(Class of 2026 Counselor, Key Club)

Ronald “Tommy” T. Thibodeaux ’07
(English, Key Club)

Joshua R. Thomas '97
(Science, Tennis, Crusaders for Life & Justice, Student Council)


Gerald L. Ursin III '07
(Assistant Dean of Students, Student Ambassadors)


Peter J. Valiente '79
(Science, World Languages, Excalibur)

Christopher R. Vicknair 
(Social Studies Department Chair, Close Up)


Ashley P. Walter
(Learning Specialist)

Jared A. West '15
(Physical Education, Football, Track & Field)

Megan S. Whalen

(Director of Community Relations)

Joe David Wilkerson
(Mathematics, Basketball)

Melanie M. Williams
(Faculty Formation, Social Studies, Literary Rally)

Scott M. Williams '90
(Director of Facilities)

Aaron D. Winstein '90 
(Assistant to the Treasurer)

Mark T. Wisniewski '81
(Director of Athletics, Medical Support)


Miriam M. "Cissy" Yakelis

Stephen A. Yost


Craig A. Zeller '02
(Computer Science Department Chair, Technology Coordinator, Academic Games, CyberPatriot & FTC)

Ryan J. Zeringue
(Religion, Football, Track & Field)

Patricia H. Zimmer
(Mathematics Co-Department Chair)