Honors & AP Program

In order to encourage students to work to their fullest potential, to use their talents more effectively, and to give themselves a broader education, Brother Martin High School provides honors courses. For qualified students, honors courses are available in English, mathematics, social studies, science, and world languages. Students who have earned As in academic courses, have strong standardized test scores, and whose attitude, work habits, and study habits indicate that the student is capable of handling the depth of the work at a pace designed for an honors curriculum will be considered for honor courses. Students currently in honor courses will be allowed to continue in honors if they maintain an A or a B average and continue to exhibit maturity in their work ethic. Placement for students with grades of C in an honors course will be determined in consultation with the student, teacher, guidance counselor, and parent. The Vice Principal for Academics makes the final decision concerning placement of all students.

Advanced Placement courses (AP) are also available at the sophomore, junior, and senior level. These academically challenging courses prepare students for the Advanced Placement Exams, which may earn them college credit. Students enrolled in AP courses are required to take the AP Exam at the conclusion of the course. A European History AP Course is offered at the sophomore level, and an American History AP course is offered at the junior level. A Biology II AP and a Chemistry II AP are offered at the junior or senior level. English AP courses are offered at the junior and senior level. At the senior level, Calculus AP, Physics AP, United States Government & Politics AP (Civics AP), and Computer Science AP are offered. The Physics AP course begins in the eleventh grade with Physics AP 1 and concludes in twelfth grade with Physics AP 2. Placement into an AP course is determined in consultation with the teacher, guidance counselor, student, and parent. Students who wish to enroll in more than two AP courses per year must meet the placement criteria and receive permission from the Assistant Principal for Academics. In all cases, the Assistant Principal for Academics makes the final decision concerning enrollment in AP courses. Every AP exam requires a fee to be paid by the student.

Students enrolled in all four honors courses during their sophomore year are invited to participate in the Honors Program. A student participating in the Honors Program will be required to continue taking honors or advanced placement courses in his junior and senior years, including courses in English, math, science, and social studies. In addition, a student in the honors program must complete three consecutive credits of the same World Language at Brother Martin. A student's successful participation in the Honors Program earns him an Honors diploma at graduation provided he has met all course requirements and the following requirements by the end of his senior year:

  • A cumulative grade-point average of 3.5 or higher
  • No semester grade at D or below in any course
  • No incidents of academic dishonesty

The Honors Program Coordinator invites those students who meet the criteria to participate in the Honors Program and monitors the progress of Honors Program students. Should a student fail to meet the requirements, he will be notified by the coordinator that he is no longer a participant and no longer eligible for an Honors Diploma. Students may appeal decisions regarding their status in the Honors Program by a formal request initiated through the Honors Program Coordinator. The Honors Program Committee, a subgroup of the schools Curriculum Committee, will review appeals.