Student Formation

If you enter Brother Martin’s Formation Center anytime between 7:15 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. daily, you would see a number of things happening: students completing homework/ studying, making up quizzes/tests, or receiving assistance from students or teachers. The Center’s main purpose is to support student achievement. Some students attend due to poor grades while others just need a place to study and prepare for their day. Whatever the reason, the students can count on assistance from others.

The Formation Centers aspect of personal attention is what makes Brother Martin such a special place. One initiative that has grown greatly this year is the pairing of struggling students with National Honor Society members for academic tutoring. Mrs. Jill Gomez, Student Formation Director and Coordinator of the Formation Center, believes that students often learn best from their peers. Whether a student is giving or receiving assistance, they are learning valuable lessons about life that can’t just be taught in an academic subject. They are learning not just the subject matter, but also about compassion, patience, and humility.

The Director of Student Formation develops and coordinates formation and tutoring programs, initiatives and strategies for students with the goal that all students reach their academic potential.  The director works closely with the guidance counselors and college placement office to further student development.  In order to ensure the success of this plan, the director coordinates with teachers to develop programs for students who need extra assistance. Finally, to reach the overarching goals of student success, the director coordinates, plans, and implements the standardized test prep classes for all students that meet each week to assist students in continuous test taking improvement.

Unstructured Periods

The unstructured class period is instructional time designed to provide the student opportunity to do independent study, including reference work, and to use the computer center, library, formation, and resource centers. Also, the student is provided time to arrange conferences with teachers, guidance counselors and/or campus ministers. While under adult supervision, the intent of this phase of the academic program is to develop in the student a sense of self-responsibility, self-discipline, efficient use of his unstructured time and serious study habits.

All students have an unstructured class period every day.