The Religion program aims to impart to students both an academic content and a reflective attitude toward God, self, and others. To this end, the basic truths of the Roman Catholic Church are presented. These truths are reflected upon and discussed, with a view toward forming young men concerned with peace, justice, and charity who will contribute positively to the world. Religion teachers draw upon the knowledge of the student body, faculty, and guest speakers to achieve the ends of the program. Each course follows the High School Framework issued by the USCCB and also incorporates the charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in each class. Scripture, prayer, and community service are also integral parts of each course.


Religion 8

Religion 8

The course will begin with an introduction of the history and spirituality of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.  It gives our newest Crusaders an understanding of the rich history of Brother Martin High School and the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans and throughout the world.  This curriculum will primarily focus on God’s Revelation through Sacred Scripture. In the process of interpreting Sacred Scripture students will examine salvation history, with a particular focus on Jesus Christ as the fulfillment of our salvation.  Revelation, both Divine and Natural, is explored as well as inspiration, interpretation, and exegesis. This study begins with a person’s natural instinct to search for God.

Religion I
Religion II
Religion III
Religion IV

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