Brother Martin Law Studies Class Observes Courtroom Proceedings


Last Wednesday, a Brother Martin Law Studies class visited the courtroom of Judge Shayna Beevers Morvant to observe the proceedings in the Reentry Court and the Swift & Certain Probation Program. These intensive programs are designed to provide moral rehabilitation and vocational training as well as community support and substance abuse treatment and counseling for the purpose of helping reenter civilian life with an opportunity to succeed. These programs aim both to reduce recidivism and to benefit the community as a whole. Judge Beevers Morvant, the court staff, attorneys, deputies, and other professionals involved in the programs explained to the students the purposes and history of these criminal justice initiatives and also answered questions concerning the proceedings. This courtroom visit was a great opportunity for our Crusaders to witness the philosophy and teachings of Father Andre' Coindre in action in our community today.  Thank you, Judge Beevers Morvant!    

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