Incoming Students Experience Crusader Life at Summer Enrichment

DSC09452Over the past three weeks in June, Brother Martin’s newest Crusaders were invited to campus to participate in the annual Summer Enrichment Program. On June 2, Mr. Carlos Bogran III ‘99, Director of Admissions, welcomed the newest Crusaders from the Classes of 2022 and 2023 to begin their Crusader journey at Enrichment Orientation. From there, these Crusaders quickly transitioned to Brother Martin students as they began taking daily English and math classes to enhance and review the necessary skills required for the start of school year in August. Along with the daily academic component, students also ate lunch in the Bro. Mark Thornton Terrace (similar to the unstructured period) and participated in afternoon activities. The afternoon activities are designed to allow students to try various sports or academic programs that are organized by current faculty and staff. Some of the activities consisted of the following: baseball, basketball, cross country, football, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, wrestling, academic games, and computer game programming.

One of the real highlights of Summer Enrichment was the Friday field trips. Each Friday, the Enrichment Program was divided into three groups that rotated each Friday amongst canoeing in Cane Bayou with Canoe & Trail Adventures (Chad Almquist ‘02), traveling to Gulf Island Waterpark, and attending an Etiquette class at the Rib Room with Chef Tom Wolfe. Teamwork, character building, camaraderie, and becoming Crusader gentleman were some of the rewards that were instilled in our newest Crusaders throughout their field trip experiences! IMG_1505

The final week of Summer Enrichment offered many new experiences and learning opportunities. Crusaders experienced a Day of Service as they learned about Ozanam Inn and the homeless in and around our own city. Students met with members of the Ozanam staff, made sandwiches, and packed bags of toiletries to be handed out that evening at Ozanam Inn. Crusaders also had the opportunity to bring a prospective Crusader, to spend the day with them, as well as participate in an afternoon of ‘Crazy Olympics’. To wrap up the Summer Enrichment Program, Crusaders filled their last day on campus with a fun, outdoor day of intramurals, a little barbecue, and inflatables.

With our incoming Crusaders attending our program this summer, it is clear and evident that these Crusaders are excited and ready to join their fellow Crusaders in August! They also look forward to proudly wearing ‘crimson and gold’ to represent the start of their Brother Martin High School journey.

2018 Summer Enrichment

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