In Rememberance of Bro. Martin Hernandez, S.C. and Bro. More Schaefer, S.C.

Our Brother Martin community remembers two special men, brothers and educators, who have helped shape life at Brother Martin as we know it today: Brother Martin Hernandez, S.C. and Brother More Schaefer, S.C.

Friday, August 24, marked the anniversary of Brother Martin Hernandez’s death. Brother Martin, our school’s namesake, was a true model of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart mission. When he died in 1991, the legendary Phil Johnson, news manager, and editorialist at WWL penned this editorial about our namesake,When he died last week, at age 87, he had been a Brother of the Sacred Heart for 72 years. In his last will and testament, he said: ‘If I have done any good in my life, it was done only because God used me as His instrument.’ What an instrument. What a man. What a legacy to leave to his school and to this community.”

Click here to read the full WWL editorial on Bro. Martin Hernandez, S.C.

Saturday, September 8, marked the anniversary of Brother More Schaefer’s death. Each year, one of our faculty members is recognized for his or her excellence in Instruction, Formation, and Witness with an award that is named in Brother More’s honor.

Brother More taught at McGill-Toolen in the 50's, served at St. Anicet in Canada during the second novitiate exercises, and served as director and postulant master at Sacred Heart Juniorate, a preparatory high school in Daphne, AL., beginning in 1963, to name a few of the roles in which he served the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

Plus 50 says about Brother More, "[He] brought a different perspective to the formation of young men, placing a strong emphasis on psychological development. A firm believer in professional preparation, he made efforts to enhance the educational program at Daphne. He added class time, improved the quality of instruction, and allowed more time for personal study" (227-28).

Brother More, an outstanding faculty member and science teacher at Brother Martin, died of cancer at the young age of 50 in 1983.

We remember Brother Martin Hernandez, S.C. and Brother More Schaefer, S.C. in a special way today, and every day.

Ametur Cor Jesu, Ametur Cor Mariae.

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