CRIMESTOPPERS Teen Ambassadors Against Crime

TAAC Brother Martin BoysOn Tuesday, March 12th, Crusaders Raymond Price, David Trepagnier, and Harrison Trepagnier attended the 28th Annual Crimestoppers Awards Luncheon. They were honored for participating in the Crimestoppers Teen Ambassadors Against Crime (TAAC) Leadership program. This program helps students to gain a better understanding of the criminal justice arena, including the role that students can and do play in community safety while understanding the effects of crime on victims and their families. TAAC’s goal is to give students the opportunity to directly engage with law enforcement and other community partners while becoming educated and empowered to serve as crime prevention role models in their schools and communities. They join over 118 students who have enrolled in the program with 41 schools representing 3 parishes.


IMG_1123 IMG_1139 ray and janice