St. Mary Magdalen Visits Campus for Day of Reflection

IMG_2560On Thursday, November 2, the seventh grade students from St. Mary Magdalen School in Metairie came to Brother Martin‘s campus for their annual day of reflection.  The theme for the day was the school’s and parish’s theme for the year: “St. Mary Magdalen, A Treasure Chest of Faith, Service, and Learning.”  The Office of Campus Ministry coordinated this special day for the 22 students.Throughout the day, students took part in talks led by Brother Martin’s senior Student Ministers, the Assistant Principal for Academics, Ms. Deborah Broussard, and the Director of Admissions, Mr. Carlos Bogran ’99.  The students also made good use of the James B. Branton Chapel and The Bro. Mark Thornton Terrace for a time of reflection.

Campus Ministers Johnny Do ’18, Jeremy Baier ’18 and Tyler Thompson ’18 also took part in the reflection with the seventh graders. Do reflected on this time as a young student, learning about Jesus and making the commitment to follow in His footsteps. He also urged these students to “live out the Lord in and out of school” and to take God with them always. Then, Thompson connected with these young students as he reflected on his time as a seventh grader when he embarked on a journey of  faith and belief in God’s plan for him. He faced tough times in the past, but believed that his life would get better by giving the gifts of  hope, faith, and service. Lastly, Baier concluded with this message: “discover as you grow up what faith is to you and how you want to form yourself in faith and grow as a child of God.”

As a break, the students toured the school and had lunch in the Benson Mall.

For further information on holding elementary school days of reflection or retreats on our campus, please contact the Director of Campus Ministry, Mr. Tom Baier at (504) 253-1561(ext. 3335) or at