Honors Students Ask “What Happened?”

DSC06254Anne Frank’s diary is considered a classic work of literature and provides a detailed, personal look into the tragedies of World War II. Last week, the Library hosted Mr. Supak’s 8th Grade English I Honors students as they expanded their understanding of the Holocaust from Anne’s annex to the rest of Europe.

Students performed a close reading of articles from a variety of perspectives in order to spark a collaborative discussion with the guidance of the librarians, Mrs. Keiren Aucoin and Ms. Lauren Rhodes. Students considered many topics, including what happened to the Nazis after the war, what other peoples were affected by the Holocaust, what life was like for Germans during World War II, and who resisted the Nazis and rescued the victims of the concentration camps.

Each student then generated his own research question and is utilizing a book from the Library’s vast collection to answer his question. The students also learned about the significance of primary sources and the complexity of the past. The students will continue this research and critical thinking in the classroom and return to the Library to expand upon this research experience and present their findings to the class.