Gone Fishing for Sharks

This morning, Brother Martin held a beach themed pep rally for the game against the Gulf Coast Sharks where all the students dressed up in their bathing suits and beach gear. The pep rally started off with an introduction of senior swimming, cross country and football team members. The next part involved a skit with Chief Necaise and Mr. Coats acting like swamp people and going after the Gulf Coast Shark. The Brother Martin Crusader came out to save the day but first had to go through a rigorous training regime. After the training was complete the Crusader needed a little extra help from Mr. Fleetwood who ordered two football players to come take the shark away. The seniors then rallied around each other for a game time cheer that got the entire student body rocking! The pep rally was ended with the band playing the “Fight Song” and the cheerleaders doing their patented routine. The Brother Martin game versus the Gulf Coast Sharks is tonight at 6:30 at Tad Gormley Stadium.

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