Future Crusaders Discover Brother Martin

29681785612_9c98e14cc8_zOn Friday, September 16, over 300 prospective students, grades 4 through 8,  came for an evening to “discover” all that Brother Martin High School has to offer.  Prospective students were lead on an interactive journey across campus, with a few stops along the way to interact with current students, faculty, moderators, and other prospects.  

One stop was the Ridgley Center for a talk and tour of the athletic department.  In the Terrace, varsity coaches and current student athletes gave talks on their respective sports.  

Another stop on the journey through campus was the art room where current art students and teachers showcased drawings.

In the Meyer Building, the Science Department conducted eye-catching experiments and demonstrations.

All the clubs lined the corridor of the Resource Center so that prospects could browse all the possibilities that might match their interests and experiences.  Club members and moderators were available to greet and answer questions.  

The exhilarating evening ended with a pep rally in the Conlin Gym.  What a night!

What do current students remember discovering on Discovery Night?  

“Last year, I attended Discovery Night as a student attending St. Clement of Rome School. That night, I discovered that this school is really fun, and the students have a lot of camaraderie.  As a new student,  I discovered that being part of band could be so much fun when we played for future students at the pep rally. Also, I noticed just how much school spirit Brother Martin students have.”    – Darren Martino ‘21


“When I attended Discovery Night as a prospect, I noticed a lot of clubs!  This year, as a student, I noticed how much we like to welcome people into our school!”- Sammy Hurst ‘20

Please join us for Open House on Thursday, November 10, 2016  from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. For further questions, please contact the Admissions Office at (504) 283-1561 (ext. 3022).

Submitted by Tareq Mitwali ‘21 (News Writer- Crusader Correspondents)