Club Conduct & Lettering

Conduct of Club Members

On road trips, club members must dress appropriately and conform to the grooming policies in the behavior section of the handbook.

At club sponsored events members will conduct themselves in a respectful and cooperative manner.

At club sponsored events or traveling to and from such events members will conduct themselves in a manner consistent with their status as a Brother Martin Student following all the guidelines for behavior outlined in the handbook.

Lettering and Awards Policies

The general qualifications for lettering are duration of participation, dependability, attendance at club functions, attitude, and service. The specific Lettering Policy for each organization that offers an extracurricular letter is outlined in the club by-laws and approved by the Director of Student Activities.

Students who letter have the privilege of wearing a cloth letter on an extracurricular jacket purchased through the Bookstore in conjunction with the Student Services Office. The school letter will bear the insignia patch of the organization in which the student has lettered. Letters may contain up to five extracurricular insignia patches that have been earned in the sophomore, junior, or senior years. There is no distribution of loose letters or insignia patches. No additional decoration may be added to a letterman’s jacket unless it is issued for that express purpose by the school.

At the completion of his freshman year a student who has lettered as a freshman may order a letterman’s jacket through the Bookstore in conjunction with the Student Services Office. The same rule applies to students completing their sophomore, junior, or senior year. The student pays for the jacket. The school pays the cost of the letter and the insignia patch.

Academic lettering insignia patches are worn on the extracurricular jacket. The Criteria for academic lettering is described in the Honor Roll section.