Dr. George Hebert '82 Visits Senior Psychology Class

DSC06992Dr. George Hebert ’82, Ph.D. reached out to Mr. Michael Cappo ’00, Social Studies Teacher, to come speak to his Senior level Psychology classes about the “Introduction to the Psychology Profession.” Dr. Hebert currently works for Louisiana State University Health in the Department of Clinical Rehab and Counseling.

During the presentation, Dr. Hebert gave a quick background of his education journey from Brother Martin onto his doctorate. He informed the senior students about the different levels of higher education that each field of Psychology or Mental Health requires. Dr. Hebert remained local in his studies by graduating with his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of New Orleans, his Master of Arts in Psychology and Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology from Louisiana State University.

Dr. Hebert broke down the distinctions of the diverse Psychology careers that can be obtained with a Psychology degree. He discussed the difference between Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counselors and Social Workers. He explained that, as a Psychologist, “we (psychologists) are really interested in the ‘normal curve’ and what ranges from abnormal to normal in a patient.” The presentation wrapped up with a Q+A session with Dr. Hebert where he answered questions about the lifestyle and expectancy for these professions.

“It was very informative to hear about all of the different opportunities in the mental health field,” said senior Marco Perez.

Dr. Hebert was very excited to know that his alma mater offers the Introductory Psychology course to seniors. He will be returning in the spring to give a presentation to the next group of seniors who are taking this semester elective course.