David Jouandot ’78 Speaks to Excalibur about Pharmacy

IMG_5086In an effort to expose our science students to careers in science fields, the Excalibur National Honor Society often hosts guest speakers.  This week, Excalibur welcomed David Jouandot ’78 on our campus to speak to the club members.

Mr. Jouandot, (father of David Jouandot II, Ph.D. ‘03, and Josh Jouandot BM ‘15) is a pharmacist who owns and runs his own business, Dave’s Pharmacy, on the Westbank.  

He explained to the members of Excalibur the differences between studying retail pharmacy and clinical pharmacy.  In the retail industry, one can own his/her own business and is his/her own boss, whereas in the clinical industry one will work weekends, long hours, etc.  Also, he discussed various levels of salaries depending on the path chosen.

In addition, he discussed the importance of Chemistry classes in the high school curriculum and explained the required courses needed upon completion of the program.  The meeting ended with a Q & A session between the students and Mr. Jouandot.

Thank you, Mr. Jouandot, for speaking to our Crusaders!


Members of Excalibur with Mr. David Jouandot ’78 of Dave’s Pharmacy.