Bowling Grabs District Title

IMG_1028Another WIN for the Crusaders!

The Crusader bowling team finished the district season 12-0 taking home the Division I district title. They defeated the Salmen Spartans by a score of 18-9 on Monday at Colonial Bowling Lanes.  Early in the match, the Spartans were ahead in game one by a score of 6-2. Leading the Crusaders in game one was senior Brenten Dupuy with a 228. In game two, the Crusaders came back from a rest with a 6-2 win to tie the match behind a 235 game from Will Oertling while Brenten Dupuy bowled a 195. Bother Chandler Dupuy and Justin Ducote bowled a 181. Finally, the Crusaders took over the lanes by a score of 7-1 in game three. Leading the Crusader bowling team against Salmen was Will Oertling with 625 series, Brenten Dupuy with a 619 and Jonathan Fernandez with a 615 series.IMG_1030

Before the match, seniors Brenten and Chandler Dupuy were honored for their commitment and dedication to the Crusader bowling team.

The Crusaders will return to the lanes in the Regional Tournament on Monday, March 20 at AMF All-Star Lanes in Kenner for 3 p.m. The live stream will begin just prior to 1 p.m. and will feature coverage of the second and third sessions of the day.

Congratulations, Crusaders!

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