Alumni Adventure Through the Mighty Mississippi River

Alumni Canoe TripThis summer, three young alumni of Brother Martin High School have undertaken a wild and eventful adventure of canoeing down the mighty Mississippi River. Matthew Reineke ‘14, Ben Hailey ‘14, and Patrick Healy ‘14 started their adventure in the headwaters of Lake Itasca and plan on going all the way down river to the Gulf of Mexico.

Reineke stated, “the whole idea was sparked from working on the Creole Queen last summer.” He also spoke with a tour guide, before planning this trip, and was informed that one could still canoe down the entire river. Matthew then reached out and recruited Patrick and Ben to join him on this adventure.

By June 7th, the trio was 500 miles into their journey and stopped in Minneapolis. They continued through the towns of Wabasha, Fountain City, and Winona near Minnesota and Wisconsin. During week 3, they paddled almost 600 miles and continue to enjoy every minute of it. Click here to follow them on Instagram and see updates on the rest of their trip from St. Louis and more!

Alumni Canoe Trip 2

Click here for their interview from Grand Rapids.