A Saintly Project for Mr. Nocito’s Religion Classes

Students in Mr. Ryan Nocito’s '06 Religion classes recently completed their Saints Research Project in which they carefully and thoughtfully selected a Catholic saint, or a Catholic who is currently in the canonization process, to learn and create a video presentation about that particular Saint.

Mr. Nocito presented the students with a list of diverse holy men and women to choose from which span different times, places, cultures, and paths to holiness.  Students then began the research process using a variety of sources ranging from documentaries, database articles, encyclopedias, and books gathered from our Library with the assistance of our Librarian, Ms. Amanda Gaston. After the research was complete, students created a video presentation via Google Slides. The students were able to view each other's presentations in class and compare/contrast their chosen Saints.

Canonized or not, our aim in Forming Young Men for Life is to make great saints of all the young men in our care, and we are grateful that Crusaders in Mr. Nocito's class have done such wonderful work in highlighting men and women of faith who constantly inspire us to aim toward Heaven.

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