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The picture at the right shows the cheerleaders at a football pep rally. What year do you think this picture is from?

(A) 1973
(B) 1983
(C) 1993
(D) 2003

Football Cheerleaders
Sean Esker

Sean Esker (BM '92) is pictured at the left as a JV soccer player. Sean was later the head soccer coach at what New Orleans school? [Hint: It's not a boys' school.]

After serving as head baseball coach at Brother Martin, Tom Schwaner (SA '57) became an assistant and then the head coach at what college?
Tom Schwaner
2nd BM Principal

Who was the second Brother Martin principal? He served from 1970-5.

1944 SA-Jesuit Football Ticket Notice the pre-game sale price and the kickoff time on the ticket at the left. What is the signifi­cance of the 1944 St. Alo­ysius-Jesuit football game?

This is a pic­ture from the 1992 football season. Identify the Crusaders' oppo­nent and the site of the game.

Football 1992
Bowling 1986-7
This is the 1986-7 Crusader Bowling team. Identify the moderator at the far right.
He is a long-time social studies teacher at Brother Martin.

Pictured with his dog Bennie, this is the 1975-6 Crusader tennis coach who taught math and physics for many years on Elysian Fields. The annual outstanding faculty member award is named for him.

Tennis Coach 1976
St. Aloysius Pennant

This question is about St. Aloysius, the person for whom the school at Esplanade and Rampart was named. What religious order did Aloysius Gonzaga (1568-1591) belong to?

Identify this math teacher who coached Crusader basketball from 1991-1999.


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Basketball Coach

What does this signal mean when given by a wrestling referee?

Wrestling Sign








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