Pictured is DB Raion Hill ('94) who played college and pro football.

  1. What college did Raion play for?
  2. Which NFL team did Raion play for?


Raion Hill, 1993 

Match each of these defunct high schools with its nickname.

  1. Holy Name of Mary
  2. Metairie
  3. Redemptorist
  4. St. Bernard

A. Eagles
B. Rams
C. Blue Knights
D. Yellow Jackets

The 2000 Brother Martin Crusaders won the school's first state championship in soccer. Which school did they defeat in the finals?

(A) Acadiana
(B) Catholic High
(C) Jesuit
(D) Lafayette

For many years, Jesuit, St. Aloysius/Brother Martin, and Holy Cross conducted a tri-meet named for a former track and football coach at two of the schools. Identify him and the two schools where he coached.
Pictured at the right is Calvin Natt, who played twelve years in the NBA for New Jersey, Portland, Denver, San Antonio, and Indiana. The Crusaders faced him in the 1973 semifinals when he was a sophomore. What school did Natt help defeat Brother Martin in that game?

(A) Captain Shreve
(B) McKinley
(C) Woodlawn
(D) Bastrop

Calvin Natt 

Brother Ralph, S.C., coached the Crusader basketeers from 1940-1946 when he was transferred. To what school did he move for 1946-7?

(A) St. Stanislaus, Bay St. Louis
(B) McGill Institute
, Mobile
(C) Catholic High
, Baton Rouge
(D) St. Aloysius
, Vicksburg

Bob Pettit 

The St. Aloysius Crusaders lost the 1950 AA State Finals to a team led by future LSU All-American and NBA Hall of Famer Bob Pettit. What school did Bob play for?

(A) Istrouma
(B) Baton Rouge
(C) Catholic High
(D) Bolton

At the 1971 District 6-AAAA meet, senior Tommy Smith successfully defended the two titles he won in 1970. What two events were Tommy's specialty?

Tommy Smith
Skip Brunet in action
"Skip" Brunet was an outstanding player for the 1968-9 Aloysius and the 1969-70 Brother Martin basketball teams. What is Skip's given first name?
Who was the head coach of the 1997 Brother Martin track team that won the Regional Championship?

Which school did Brother Martin defeat in the 2004 basketball finals to win the first of back-to-back state championships?
What religious order owns and operates De La Salle High School?
Identify the mystery high school by clicking the buttons to obtain the clues. If you can do so after just one clue, consider yourself an Expert. If you need two clues, you're a Good Solver. If you need all three, you're Average.
Brother Martin last played in the football state finals in 1989. Which school provided the opposition?

A. Ehret  B. Ouachita  C. West Monroe  D. Ruston

St. Aloysius reached the state finals in basketball nine times. Which one of the following schools was not the opponent in any of those games.

A. De La Salle
B. Lake Charles
C. Holy Cross
D. Baton Rouge

E. Bolton
F. Jesuit
G. Istrouma
H. Woodlawn (Shreveport)

Match each Crusader head football coach with his high school alma mater.

1. Bill Arms
Bob Conlin
3. Mark Songy
4. Wayde Keyser

A. De La Salle
B. Jesuit
C. St. Aloysius
D. Brother Martin

Nick Revon and his college coach 

Above is a picture of St. Aloysius great Nick Revon and his college coach, Lee Floyd (father of former UNO and Hornets coach and current UTEP head man Tim Floyd). At what college did Nick play for Lee Floyd?

Put these Brother Martin basketball players in chronological order of their graduation, from earliest to latest.

  1. Tommy Smith
  2. Adam Kraus
  3. Derrick Collins
  4. Nicky Saacks

Match each Crusader coach with his college alma mater.

1. Chubby Marks
2. Alan DeRitter
3. Bill Gallagher
4. Tom Schwaner

A. Loyola
C. Tulane

In 1999-2000, a Brother Martin team won the first state championship for the school in its sport. Which sport?

(A) Swimming (B) Tennis (C) Soccer (D) Golf

Three of the four Crusaders listed below played football for Tulane. Which one did not and which school did he play for?

(A) Eddie Bravo ('51) (B) Joe Winkler ('69) (C) Steve Treuting ('72) (D) Tookie Spann ('84)

Match each man with the sport for which he was Brother Martin head coach.

  1. Tom Kolb
  2. Wayne Duffour
  3. Mike Misita
  4. Joe Corso

A. Track and Field

Crusader Baseball 1988

The coach pictured at the left with C John Laughlin took over the Crusader baseball program in 1988 after three years as an assistant. Identify him.

The coach pictured at the right, a 1945 graduate of St. Aloysius, succeeded Johnny Altobello as Crusader basketball and baseball coach in 1952.

Two questions.

  1. What was the name of the man in the picture?
  2. At what school did Altobello coach starting in 1952?
Altobello's Successor

The 1992 Crusader gridders finished the regular season 8-2 and district co-champs. Conlin's Crew defeated Mandeville 21-10 in the first playoff game before losing 19-7 at Tad Gormley Stadium. Which team knocked the Saders out of the playoffs that year?

(A) Ehret (B) Abramson (C) Hahnville (D) St. Amant

Match each Crusader coach with his high school alma mater.

  1. Bob Conlin
  2. Chubby Marks
  3. John Lavie
  4. Dennis Panepinto

(A) Jesuit
Brother Martin
St. Aloysius
De La Salle

Match each Crusader foe with its colors.
  1. Warren Easton
  2. O. P. Walker
  3. Baton Rouge
  4. Ehret

(A) Green and Gold
Blue and Red
Orange and Black
Purple and Gold

Each of the following Crusaders played football for LSU except one. Which grad played elsewhere?

(A) Joe Winkler (B) Tommy Clapp (C) Raion Hill (D) Adam Kraus

Who set a new state indoor record in the 3200m run in February 1995?

(A) Stephen Erath (B) Drew Haro (C) Randy Hanning (D) Jarett Roche

Match each Crusader football player with the college he played for.

  1. Kenny Newfield
  2. Pat Stant
  3. Phillip Brock
  4. Ward Manuel

A. Tulane
C. Michigan
D. Nicholls State

Match each Crusader with the sport in which he made All-State.

1. Paul Zinser (1953)
2. Donny Leaycraft
3. Nick Reggio
4. Blair Barbier

A. football
B. basketball
C. tennis
D. baseball

Long-time Crusader tennis coach Winston Riehl, M.D., was a tennis star at what New Orleans high school?

(A) Holy Cross (B) Jesuit (C) St. Aloysius (D) Warren Easton







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