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The Brother Martin football team played the same school in the semifinals of the state playoffs in 1988 and 1989. The Crusaders lost in '88 but won in '89 in one of the most exciting games in prep football history with both games going into overtime. Identify the opponent.

In 1993, a public school was placed in the "Catholic League" as a result of redistricting. That school was not Chalmette, which had been in the district years earlier. Identity the public school that competed in the Catholic League in 1993-4 and 1994-5.

The coach of the 1965 St. Aloysius baseball team was a first year faculty member who was better known for coaching a different sport. Who was that coach?

The picture at the right from the 1972 Brother Martin football season shows an injured Keith Crawford (#75) on the sideline next to a future Brother Martin faculty member. Identify #12 in the picture.

Football Quiz 1972
Basketball Coach 1962-4

The man pictured at the left was the St. Aloysius basketball coach in 1962-63 and 1963-64. He also coached baseball in 1964. Identify him.

Who succeeded Bob Conlin as head football coach at Brother Martin?


Here are three clues to the identity of a former Crusader athlete who is a Brother Martin faculty member. See how many clues it takes you to identify him.

Mystery Player

The 1987-8 soccer team achieved the first winning record in Brother Martin history with a record of 11-7-0. Who was the head coach, who was in his second year at the helm?

Mystery Brother
The Brother pictured at the left was the Athletic Director in 1921 when St. Aloysius fielded its first football team. He was still serving at the Esplanade Avenue school in its last year of existence in 1969. Identify him.
Identify this All-State QB and Golden Crusader who gradu­ated in 1990.
Quiz Picture

The 1952 St. Aloysius Crusaders won the school's first Prep championship in football. The squad defeated Istrouma for the South Louisiana championship before losing in the state finals. Who was the opponent in the finals?

Identify the long­time Crusader line coach shown in the picture. He is a 1971 gradu­ate of Brother Martin.

Mystery Football Coach
Adam Kraus (BM '03) excelled in both football and basketball at Brother Martin. He then played OL for four years at what university?
Adam Kraus

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