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The St. Aloysius Crusaders competed against two future Heisman Trophy winners on the gridiron. Who were they and what high schools did they play for?

Who was the last St. Aloysius head football coach?

(A) Jack Schommer (B) John Arms (C) Bill Arms (D) Andy Bourgeois

The 1983 Brother Martin gridders concluded their season with a 7-6 loss in the Ozone Bowl. Who was the opponent?

(A) Gulfport East (B) Slidell (C) Moss Point (D) Bogalusa

After winning all 36 games in 1969-70, the Brother Martin cagers opened the 1970-71 season with four victories before losing at home. What opponent ended the 40-game winning streak?

(A) Landry (B) East Jefferson (C) McDonogh (D) Booker T. Washington

Arrange these schools in the order in which they were founded – from earliest to latest.

Rummel / Cor Jesu / De La Salle / Holy Cross / St. Aloysius / Jesuit

Each athlete on the left below competed against the Crusaders in one or more sports before going on to college and pro careers. Match each opponent with his high school.

1. Kordell Stewart, football
2. Robert Parish
, basketball
3. Will Clark
, baseball
4. John Fourcade
, football

A. Jesuit
B. Archbishop Shaw
C. Woodlawn (Shreveport)
D. John Ehret

What school provided the opposition in the last football game played by St. Aloysius on November 8, 1968?

A. Jesuit B. Archbishop Shaw C. De La Salle D. Holy Cross

Quiz Picture

The picture above was taken at the 1970 Top Twenty tournament when the Brother Martin Crusaders won the state championship with a 36-0 record. In what city was the picture taken? What is the name of the arena?

This 1979 photo shows the Brother Martin principal at that time giving a plaque to the school's first principal. Identify these two Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

Two Principals, 1979

This is a picture of the 1953 St. Aloysius starting line. The young man at RT (far left in the photo) later coached at Brother Martin. Who is he?

1953 Linemen

Match each school, which has been a Crusader opponent in the LHSAA Top 28 tournament, with its nickname.

1. LaGrange
2. Scotlandville
3. Bastrop
4. Woodlawn (Shreveport)

A. Rams
B. Knights
C. Gators
D. Hornets

Kenny Bordelon 1971

Kenny Bordelon ('72) is show tackling St. Augustine QB Keith Pete in the 1971 state championship game.

Ken played for the New Orleans Saints from 1976-77 and 1979-82. What college did he attend?

What was the number of the street address of St. Aloysius High School on Esplanade Avenue?

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