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The winner of a Golden Crusader in 1980 was also captain of the football team. He is now the lacrosse coach at his alma mater. Identify him.

Golden Crusader 1980

This is a picture of Coach Andy Russo and his captains for the 1970-1 seasons. Identify the two captains.

Basketball Captains 1970-1

Which one of these Crusader opponents does not use the nickname Tigers?

(A) Neville (B) Lafayette (C) Terrebonne (D) Thibodaux

Football Quiz Picture

In what season was this picture taken?

(A) 1981 (B) 1986 (C) 1991 (D) 2001

This picture from the 1979-80 season shows the Crusader basketball coach with two of his seniors, Joe Sylve and Herbert Briant. Identify the coach.


Basketball Coach 1979-80
Football Coach 1990

This picture was taken at the 1990 game against Shaw at West Jefferson Stadium. Identify the coach in the picture.

In what year was City Park Stadium (now Tad Gormley Stadium) first used for prep football games?

(A) 1937 (B) 1947 (C) 1957 (D) 1967

Tad Gormley Stadium

What year was the picture at the right taken?

(A) 1977
(B) 1982
(C) 1987
(D) 1992

Quiz - Basketball Picture

Which of these Crusader players/coaches is a member of the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame? There could be more than one answer or none.

(A) Jack Schommer     (B) Nick Revon     (C) Johnny Altobello     (D) Bob Conlin

Pictured are three members of the 1976 football staff. In the middle, of course, is Head Coach Bob Conlin. At the right is Defensive Coordinator Chubby Marks. Who is the coach at the left?

Football 1976 Quiz

The CYO Basketball Tournament began in 1950. St. Aloysius won the first three titles and four of the first eight. What school won the other four CYO championships in the first eight years?

(A) Holy Cross   (B) Jesuit   (C) De La Salle   (D) Redemptorist

From 1969-1978, Brother Martin began every football season with the same opponent. What school what that?

(A) South Terrebonne   (B) Kennedy   (C) Central Lafourche   (D) East Jefferson

Brother Martin has played against a number of future NFL players. Match each of these pro players with his high school.

1. Cordell Stewart
2. BenJarvus Green-Ellis
3. Craig Steltz
4. Tory James

A. St. Augustine
B. Ehret
C. Archbishop Shaw
D. Archbishop Rummel

Who was the only head coach of the Cor Jesu baseball program?

The 1999 Crusader gridders lost 42-28 in the first round of the playoffs to a district rival that had also defeated them in the regular season, 31-14. Identify the foe.

(A) Holy Cross (B) Jesuit (C) Rummel (D) Shaw

This 1975 graduate played on the offensive line for the Crusaders and earned the distinction of being the first Brother Martin student to earn Alpha Honor Roll for five straight years. Identify him.

1975 Graduate


Mystery Coach

"There is no doubt in my mind that [he] will live up to all expectations that I gave – but whether he has a winner or loser in athletic events does not matter too much to me. The important thing is that in him I know I have a leader, a teacher, a gentleman – in a word a real man." Those words were spoken by Brother Martin, S.C., when introducing the new head football coach at St. Aloysius. Identify the man Brother Martin spoke about.

Andy Douglass was head football coach at St. Aloysius from 1953-1962. Andy played football at what college?

(A) Auburn  (B) Alabama  (C) Tulane  (D) LSU

Coach Andy Douglass

Match each Crusader basketball player with the college he played for.

  1. Rick Robey
  2. D. J. Augustine
  3. Nick Revon
  4. Dick Brennan

A. Tulane
B. Kentucky
C. Texas
D. Southern Mississippi








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