Successful Trivia Night VI & Academic Games Reunion

Crispito II: Electric Boogaloo

Crispito II: Electric Boogaloo

Do you have what it takes to be a trivia connoisseur?

On Thursday, December 28, Brother Martin held their ever-popular Trivia Night and Academic Games Reunion which continued the battle of who is smarter than a Crusader. Questions, such as Who was the first principal of Brother Martin High School? or Who led troops in the Battle of the Bulge? or any type of trivia question, proved challenging to the 20 teams.

James Maumus ’89, Jeff Maumus ’97, and Miguel Sanchez ’00 of Challenge Entertainment and Live Trivia returned to campus to host this widely-popular event.  During the night, the Maumus brothers used their microphone on stage to quiz Crusader alumni, parents, family, and friends to six rounds of trivia questions ranging from Brother Martin history, sports, geography, and entertainment. In addition, helpful clues were given to participants in various ways which made this event a great night and added a little friendly competition for all.

Academic Games Alumni

Academic Games Alumni

Also, members of the Academic Games alumni group, which included Joel Maumus ’92, Jeff Magill ’90, Brian Giandelone ’02, Brother Neal Golden ’57 CJ, Jon Frosch ’03, Craig Zeller ’02, James Maumus ’89, Jeff Maumus ’97, and Will Monson ’03, gathered together to reminisce about their days as members of Academic Games in school and to take a group photo at the end of the night.

Academic Games at Brother Martin has a rich tradition and continues to be a popular extracurricular club for many current students, as well. Former member of the Academic Games team Brian Giandelone ’02 commented that “it’s great to come back to my alma mater, reconnect with my classmates and enjoy a night of trivia with old and new friends.”

It was also a great night for some lucky winners, such as “Crispito II: Electric Boogaloo” (Jacob Mayer ’03, Lindsey Prevost Mayer, Jon Frosch ’03, William Monson ’03, and Bradley Rosenberg),  who were crowned overall champions along with “Team Thomas” (Josh Thomas ’97, Angie Thomas, Billy Rieger ’95, Sarah Rieger, Nick Castjohn ’95, and Cheryl Castjohn) who finished as overall runners-up. The “Golden’s Crusaders” (Bro. Neal Golden ’57 CJ, Dr. Stephen Tucker, Richard Dempsey ’70, Bruce Bivona ’70, and Sean Brunet ’86) knew their Brother Martin trivia as they secured a win for the Brother Martin portion of the event. In addition, Jeremy Pelegrin ’94 of “The Village Idiots” was the lucky winner of the 50/50 raffle. Dr. Stephen Tucker summed up the night by stating that “at Brother Martin Trivia nights, nostalgia is everything it used to be and almost as much fun as my former history classes.”

Thank you to our Food Services, Brainiacs, Alumni and to Greg Ansley ’83 for also sponsoring the trivia night.

For further information about future Brother Martin Trivia Nights, please contact the Office of Alumni at 504-284-6700 or Click here to check out our upcoming alumni events and visit the alumni chapter and clubs page for more great events.

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Trivia Night VI Participating Teams (according to rank):

Crispito II: Electric Boogaloo
Jacob Mayer ’03
Lindsey Prevost Mayer
Jon Frosch ’03
William Monson ’03
Bradley Rosenberg

Team Thomas
Josh Thomas ’97
Angie Thomas
Billy Rieger ’95
Sarah Rieger
Nick Castjohn ’95
Cheryl Castjohn

3rd Generation
Scott Rodivich ’89
Kevin Boitmann ’90

Johnny LeBourgeois ’73
Joey LaRocca ’01
Joe LaRocca, Sr. ’71
Kurt Valvis ’02

Golden’s Crusaders
Bro. Neal Golden ’57 CJ
Steve Tucker
Richard Dempsey ’70
Bruce Bivona ’70
Sean Brunet ’86

In First Place
Craig Zeller ’02
Shaun Walker ’02
Brian Giandelone ’02
Timothy Sensebe ’02
Jesse Selser ’02
Chris Chivleatto ’02

Christine Sanderson
Armand Pepperman ’59 CJ
Elena Graves
Ian Supak
Monica Supak

Eat More Crispitos
Stu Morlier ’93
Brad Gegenheimer ’93
Dan Rohli ’93

Brother Martin Wrestling Team
Byron Pogue ’98
Kevin Kern ’97

Debby Gaudet’s Screen Actors Studio
Harold Moser ’70
David Farrens ’77
Dennis “Michael” Farrens ’66 SA

Ray Gaudet ’76
Debby Gaudet
Andy Gaudet ’08

Fake Trivia…Make Trivia Great Again
Chad LaRose ’90
Leni Sumich ’90
Kraig de Lanzac ’86
Henry Langhetee ’90

Team Rowan & Martin
George Clark ’97
Joel Maumus ’92

Know it Alls
George Hebert ’82
Nancy Hebert
Tim Stewart ’82 

Rob Curran
Mark Wetmore
Andy Carstens 

The Village Idiots
Jeremy Pelegrin ’94
Kelly Gajewski
Ricky Munch ’94
Chris Paulin ’85
Dana Plaisance

We Drink and We Know Things
Brett DuMontier ’90
Brandon DuMontier ’94
Patrick McCabe ’95
Michael Kenny ’94
Bryan Oubre ’97

Brother Neal’s Browser History
Yancy Matherne ’03
Jessica Cluney
Steffan Jambon ’03
Kara Jambon
Brandon Monteverde ’03
Natasha Monteverde

Lone Star State of Mind
Jeff Magill ’90

The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein
Kevin Gootee ’00
Gordon Kuehl ’00
Alex DeFraites ’03
Larry DeFraites
Chris Francioni

Here for the Crispitos
Brett Mathes ’00
James Ferraro ’01
George Hood
LJ Lesage ’98
Jimmy Ruckert ’03