The Power of a Son's Love

In an effort to experience and share in his son Nick’s ’12 new found love of hunting, Mike “Zip” Franco ’75, who suffers from being visually impaired, expressed an interest in participating in a hunting trip with Nick. Mike Franco has suffered from a degenerative eye disease since childhood, and as the years have passed, his condition has continually worsened until he lost his eyesight in his mid-20s.

To help his father realize his dream of hunting with his son, Nick and Mike have been going through the process of developing a training method in which Mike would be able to hunt alongside Nick.

During the weekend of November 15th – 17th, Zip’s dream of hunting with Nick not only came true but was also a success. This story is a true example of how a 19 year old boy’s enthusiasm, excitement, and love for his father found a way to include him in this activity—man to man.

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