Tareq Mitwali ’21 Reflects on ‘Unity Through Understanding’ Experience

“This trip was so inspirational after being able to empathize with so many others.”

“Seeing so many people of different backgrounds and ethnicities join together was really overall a great experience.”

“Being able to have this opportunity to go to the ADL was truly a significant meeting.”

These were just some of the quotes I heard from my fellow classmates while attending “Unity through Understanding” the Anti-Defamation League Event at Loyola University New Orleans Law School. While on my way there, I began to contemplate why I had said yes. I was thinking, “Maybe this won’t be so exciting… It’ll all be information”. My thoughts were all wrong. It was so much more than just information. Though we learned a lot about daily prejudices, I was able to connect and learn so much more from the people my own age at the event. It was amazing to see so many teens from different backgrounds join together in one group. We started the day by splitting into groups and getting familiar with our surroundings. I feel that ADL wanted us to be able to connect with people we’ve never met before rather than just sticking with our friends the entire time. Once we were able to do that, our group was able to connect and discuss our hardships and what it’s like to be who we are. Though some of the activities seemed like all fun, they all had meaning. We, as unique individuals from different backgrounds, schools, zip codes, and cultures, were all in a position to be able to simply bond as a small group and relate to each other. Overall, my experience at the ADL trip was absolutely amazing. I am so grateful that Brother Martin gave me the opportunity to experience this.

Article Written by Tareq Mitwali '21

Unity through Understanding
Unity through Understanding
Unity through Understanding

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