Senior Awarded for 2017 Close Up Trip

DSC06134During Thanksgiving Break, six Brother Martin juniors and seniors joined Mr. Christopher Vicknair on the annual Close Up trip to Washington, D.C. from November 25 to December 2, 2017. The trip is sponsored by the Close Up Foundation, a non-profit, non-partisan civic education organization. Through site visits, lectures, and workshop activities, high school students learn the political process and are encouraged to develop their own political efficacy. Highlights of the trip include Capitol Hill Day, on Wednesday, November 28, where Close Up students visited their state’s congressional delegation and saw their government at work. Our group of Crusaders also got the chance to meet House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, Congressman Cedric Richmond, Senator John Kennedy and Senator Bill Cassidy.

“I really enjoy the trip because it takes material from junior and senior year—American history and Civics—and brings it to life. There is nothing better than getting a student inspired to participate in the civic process then having them ask questions of their elected representatives or bring them to sit in on arguments at the Supreme Court” mentioned Vicknair.

Fortunately this year, one of our trip participants was rewarded a fully-funded trip to Close Up from the Ricky Nuesslein Close-Up Endowment. This year’s recipient was senior Cameron Gore. “For as long as I can remember, politics and history have been subjects I am extremely passionate about. As a result, this opportunity to attend the Close Up trip is kind and generous, and I can not be more thankful for it,” said Gore.

The Ricky Nuesslein Close-Up Endowment honoring Ricky Nuesslein is established in the St. Aloysius Century Foundation to support Brother Martin High School. Brother Martin faculty member Mr. Ricky Nuesslein was a member of our Brother RickyNuessleinMartin family for over 30 years, teaching in the tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart as a member of the social studies department. In addition to his role as a classroom teacher, Mr. Nuesslein served as a director of Staff Development, helping to form new and current teachers in the school’s educational mission and charism. He was the moderator of the Crusader tennis team. Mr. Nuesslein was also a fixture working the gate for Crusader football games and for several years, he also oversaw the summer work study program for those students receiving financial aid. He was also an alumnus of the Centre International André Coindre (CIAC) program. The Brothers’ summer historical institute is a community experience held in Lyon, France. Chosen to participate in CIAC, Ricky attended during the summer of 2008. Mr. Nuesslein was the 2009 recipient of the Brother More Schaefer, S.C., Faculty Award for his outstanding efforts to evangelize students through education. Mr. Nuesslein was the long time moderator of Close-Up. This educational trip that many of our students take to Washington, D.C. was something very important to him as a Civics teacher. He believed in the mission of Close-Up, a program that informs, inspires, and empowers young people to exercise the rights and accept the responsibilities of citizens in a democracy. Contributions to The Ricky Nuesslein Close-Up Endowment can be made in care of the St. Aloysius Century Foundation.

The Close Up Trip is offered to students in November of their junior or senior year. For more information or to reserve your place for the 2018 trip, contact Mr. Christopher Vicknair,