Ryan Mayer ’16 is 'Enlightened' on Senior Retreat

r“This year’s senior retreat is an experience that can only be described as enlightening. With its ritualistic nature, one cannot help, but feel a unique sense of unity as the retreat progresses. Each exercise forces one to reflect on his life, but not in a threatening manner. Rather, one feels compelled to open up to others, as well as to themselves, because of the warm environment created by all involved. Though there is much time spent engaging in conversation and interacting with others, sometime is reserved for solitude.

Personally, some of my favorite exercises were the ones when I was left wandering in nature with nothing, but my thoughts to accompany me. During these exercises I found myself entranced by the peaceful silence that seemed to echo throughout the woods. Another aspect of the retreat that was truly empowering was the fierce speeches from the presenters. Each speech was spoken with such passion that the validity of the messages behind them was quite apparent. The heart-felt words revealed to us new, better ways to view the world and the experiences and surprises it may hold for us, whether they be of joy or tragedy.

Lastly, this retreat revealed to me the harsh truths of life, but it also provided me with the strength to carry these truths on my shoulders with ease and the wisdom to use them to my benefit, and this, I believe, was the main goal of this spiritual journey.”


Mayer_Ryan116Submitted by Ryan Mayer ’16