Research Skills Put to the Test

IMG_1294The 7th graders are concluding the school year in Research Skills by presenting researched information on Westward Expansion to their fellow classmates. Through Powerpoint presentations, each student in the class is taking a turn presenting different topics and educating his classmates on topics such as the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Texas Annexation, the Donner Party, Sod Houses, and the Gold Rush. All presentations include a hyperlink, for more information; a map of the region involved in the student’s presentation; a Works Cited page; examples of parenthetical citation; and an oral presentation, supported by Powerpoint slides. The students have been working on these presentations for over a month. Every student was required to obtain a book from the Brother Martin library pertaining to his topic. Furthermore, students accessed multiple websites through the Brother Martin library’s OPAC page and used WebPath Express to narrow down their searches. The students were taught skills on extracting meaningful data from a RADCAB-approved website. The students stored all of their researched data in Google files that they created specifically for this assignment. Job well done, Crusaders!