NJROTC Gets On Board the USS Alabama

Alabama 25Recently, the NJROTC Cadets traveled to the historic USS Alabama on their annual overnight trip to Mobile, Alabama and the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL. Cadet Commander David Welch ‘16  took charge of the of the unit as they spent time getting to know each other and grow as leaders. As Cadets walked around the complex, they learned about tanks, aircrafts, missions, and battles of the USS Alabama.  Walking around the ship was a new experience and several Cadets enjoyed getting lost in such an historic ship. The Cadets slept on board the ship Friday night in the “Enlisted Berthing” area experiencing the cramped living conditions first hand of an enlisted sailor.

On Saturday morning, the group departed for the Naval Aviation Museum, watched the movie “Journey to Space,” which focused on how explorers plan on going to mars, and took part in a virtual flight simulator of a F-18 Super Hornet. The Cadets had free time touring the complex, viewing the retired aircraft F-8 Crusader, as well as other aircrafts  from the beginning of Naval Aviation to present day, including a replica of the moon lander.

The Cadets professionalism and respect were noted by several of the staff in the museums and the Cadets returned home with high spirits on Saturday evening exhausted, but ready to repeat the adventure next year.  

If you are interested in joining the NJROTC, please see any Cadets in the unit, Commander Nolan, Chief Necaise or Mr. Lemon. Go Bravo Zulu!