NJROTC Annual Military Inspection

IMG_5638On Thursday, January 15th the NJROTC conducted its Annual Military Inspection. During the Annual Military Inspection, Commander Ladner, Area 8 Manager of NJROTC Units, inspected the unit’s finances, supply, armory, and, most importantly, Cadets. The Senior members of the Unit held a brief with Commander Ladner first thing in the morning in which they discussed their plans for the unit and their roles in the unit’s formation and upkeep. Members from staff had lunch with the Commander and other members of the Brother Martin Faculty. In conclusion, the Commander then inspected the unit as a whole in the Conlin Gymnasium where the unit formed into their platoons and conducted a pass-in-review. The Commander was pleased with everything he saw and hopes to continue to have successful inspections of Brother Martin. Bravo Zulu, Cadets!