Mu Alpha Theta Club Hosts Record-Breaking Tournament

2018 Mu Alpha Theta TournamentOn Saturday, February 3, the Mu Alpha Theta Club from Brother Martin hosted a combined Middle School and High School Mu Alpha Theta Competition. Typically these events are split into a Middle School Math Tournament in the fall and a High School Mu Alpha Theta Tournament in the spring. However, inclement weather “cancelled” the Middle School Tournament not once, but twice! Undeterred, the Mu Alpha Theta Club decided to expand our High School Tournament to include Middle Schoolers as well.

“This was the largest Mu Alpha Theta Tournament I’ve ever seen.  I’m not sure what the record is, but this was certainly in the Top Ten of all time!” commented Mr. Ryan Skyta, Brother Martin Mu Alpha Theta Moderator.

The 2018 Brother Martin Mu Alpha Theta Tournament had 615 students competing from 28 different schools.  

Brother Martin Mu Alpha Theta Moderator Mr. Patrick McClain noted, “I was really impressed by how well our guys ran the tournament. Each year there is always one or two issues that need to be resolved, but this year, I heard nothing but positive comments and thanks coming from moderators from the other schools.”

While the juniors and seniors ran the tournament, 8th, 9th, and 10th graders at BMHS were able to participate in the Individual Test.

The following Crusader Mathletes placed in this event

Landin Sanborn ‘22 – Algebra 1 Individual, 2nd Place

Anthony DiLorenzo ‘21 – Geometry Individual, Honorable Mention

Danny Van ‘21 – Geometry Individual, Honorable Mention

Scott Hew ‘20 – Algebra 2, Honorable Mention”

Mu Alpha Theta Tournament