Mr. Lucas Goes to Baton Rouge

IMG_3732On Wednesday, April 20th, Alex Lucas, class of 2016, traveled to the Louisiana State Capitol, Baton Rouge, for Pro-Life Day.  As part of this day, four pro-life bills were heard in the Louisiana Health and Welfare Committee: Defunding Planned Parenthood (HB 606), Stopping Dismemberment Abortions (HB 1081), Protecting Disabled Unborn Babies (HB 1019), and the Ending the Sale of Baby Body Parts (HB 815). Alex made history by being the first high school student to testify on this Committee in support of HB 606, the Defund Planned Parenthood Bill, which, if passed as law, would deny federal and state funding to any organization in Louisiana that performs abortions. After his *testimony, he received applause from the audience of the committee room.  This bill came straight from the desk of the Governor, whom Alex met at lunch at the Governor’s Mansion the prior weekend.  All four pro-life bills passed committee hearings with no opposition from Representatives.

Afterward, Rolling Stone interviewed Alex for a documentary being made about the recent surge in pro-life legislation in states around the country.  Then, Alex had the honor of meeting Representative Mike Johnson and Representative Frank Hoffman, who authored two of the historic pro-life bills heard in committee that day.

On April 28th, HB 606 was approved on the House floor by an 85-7 ensuring that businesses and organizations that perform abortions cannot receive funds from taxpayers, even for other purposes.

Alex has been a most active and vocal presence for the pro-life movement in the past year and looks forward to the day when the lives of all unborn children are protected!

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Youtube video courtesy of 4given4ever1.