Kathy Choina Selected as New Orleans Mom Teacher of the Year Finalist

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2021 New Orleans Mom Teacher of the Year Finalist

Kathy Choina is a mother, wife, daughter, and a nine-year faculty member at Brother Martin High School. The mother of two sons, Andrew and Matthew, Kathy instills in them the power of prayer, sincerity, hard work, as well as courtesy to others. In her personal and work life, there is never a task or event where she is not physically and emotionally present.

A Partner in Mission at Brother Martin High School since 2012, she is dedicated to her students and the mission of our school: forming young men in the Catholic and educational tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart while meeting the needs of a changing world. Choina thrives in the classroom as a member of the World Language department, teaching Spanish to her students. Assisting in the formation of her students, she not only cares about the class as a whole, but she guides each student on their academic journey at Brother Martin. She is also the “mom” of her department, mentoring and forming two young Spanish teachers.

During COVID-19, Choina maintained high standards of learning expectations with her students and provided them with the necessary tools and training to succeed during remote learning. In spite of many challenges she faces today (she contracted COVID-19 and has some serious health conditions), she is a constant source of grace and zeal for those around her, students and colleagues alike. Her extracurricular love is the Crusader cheerleading team, who just won back-to-back National Champions in the medium varsity co-ed division for the Universal Cheerleaders Association.

In her free time, she is also an avid volunteer at St. Christopher the Martyr Parish and Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana.

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