Joseph J. Caruso, Jr. '79 Addresses Student Body

IMG_6013At our annual Lenten Liturgy on Friday, March 23, the 2018 Alumnus of the Year, Mr. Joseph J. “Joe” Caruso, Jr. ‘79, was invited back to campus to address the faculty, staff, and students after the school-wide Liturgy. This address is an annual tradition where the current recipient of the Senator Allen J. Ellender Alumnus of the Year award reflects on his former and current experiences as a student and as an alumnus. Prior to his speech, Director of Alumni Scott Corrente ’83 introduced Caruso to the crowd where he was accepted with a standing ovation. Caruso reflected on his time as a Brother Martin student while urging the student body to participate in school activities and not just to be a spectator. In addition, he spoke about his life after Brother Martin and added “In closing, I would just like to say if you don’t remember anything else I’ve said this morning, please remember this, I was just an average kid from a barely middle-class family who was encouraged and supported by my parents, the Brothers, and my teachers to do better – and if I can be standing here before you on this occasion, so can any of you!” Lastly, Caruso was presented with a gift by Mr. Corrente and Student Council President Colby Coulon ’18.

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