Jonathan Gacharna ’17 Continues to Trust in the Lord

p1070490In a couple of months, I will be old enough to vote in my first presidential election.  By this time next year, I will be a college freshman who is living on his own away from family for the first time, and surrounded by strangers who will most likely prove to be future friends.  Now, however, thoughts of college, the weight of adult responsibilities, and the journey away from home and all that is familiar are things that this retreat has made me think about.

Thankfully my senior retreat to the Solomon Episcopal Conference Center has provided me this opportunity for thoughtful reflection upon my high school journey so far with many of its lessons and upon myself as I think about who I am and  where I am going.  As I think back upon my experiences at Brother Martin, I am thankful for the many individuals who have guided me in this journey.  Perhaps the key to an enlightened future is the same key that has illuminated my path in high school.

This retreat invited me to look back on those people who have helped me grow and develop.  I thought about my parents who have been a rock in my life as well as those teachers who have inspired me and guided me through complex subjects. I also thought about those club moderators who have encouraged me to develop interests outside the classroom.  In addition, this retreat gave me the opportunity to spend some quality time with my classmates as I connected to them through both prayer and conversation.  I have learned that wherever I go and whatever I do, I need to trust the adults, my peers, and my male mentors to illuminate the way, to guide me through adversity, and to make the unknown path of the future less dark and overwhelming.

The greatest lesson I learned from the retreat was that I should submit myself entirely to God and to trust in Him.  I learned that life does not revolve around me and that meaning in life is found in service to others.  As a senior, I am now ready to face the future.  Armed with the messages imparted to me on this retreat, the future does indeed look promising.

Submitted by Jonathan Gacharna ’17